What's a good stem and handlebar weight? Decent Average weight ?

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by plag

I'm looking to drop some weight from my old ITM stem and Wing handlebar.

I think the stem is 180g and handlebar about 300g.

Possibly looking at Deda Elementi superleggaro and superleggara combo with the stem at 99g and bars at 180g.


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by sawyer

300g for both is a good benchmark
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by Shrike

Could end up disappointed as the Supeleggero stem is commonly quite a bit heavier than expected.

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by plag

sawyer wrote:300g for both is a good benchmark

That's kind of what I was thinking. 200g for bars and 100g for a stem.

I think it's even do able at a reasonable price .

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by pdlpsher1

Buy a cheap, strong, and light stem like the Uno stem. With the money you saved you could buy a quality bar like the 3T Ergonova. Please don't try to save money on a bar by going with the unbranded bars on FleaBay. Lastly go by actual weights and not claimed weights...

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by sawyer

Yeah, 3T comes in around claimed weight IME
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by junchen

Ritchey c260 alu - good price, light weight. Pic above is for 100mm.

U can also pick up a matching ritchey bars, if u r into matching the stems n bars.

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by kgt

+1 on Ritchey.
Uno does not look that great IMO and the uno handlebar is heavy.
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by sugarkane

second the 3t stuff the LTD ergonovas are 170g in a 40cm

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by cyclespeed

Hoping my new 3T Aeronova will come in at 200g and I have a Rotor stem in 130mm that weighs 118 so 318 - not too bad for an aero setup. Might bring the stem down to 120mm.

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by vejnemojnen

what is wrong with the uno stem? just remove the graphics with acetone in a few minutes& get a reasonable handlebar (easton ec90 slx, or deda superleggera or something like that)

later you can upgrade the bolts to ti.

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by Wingnut

I actually thought my Uno stem felt stiffer than my old Deda Zero stem 130mm...
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by wheelbuilder

+1 for Ritchey WCS c260 stems. Very light, and have tested very well for stifness. Plus they look really good if you can find the wet black. Don't think Ritchey is currently making them anymore due to the HUGE hassle of having to remove shifters to work the bar into the stem, but they are really nice.

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by savechief

vejnemojnen wrote:what is wrong with the uno stem? just remove the graphics with acetone

Why remove the graphics? Just buy the version with the graphics pre-removed for your convenience:
https://fairwheelbikes.com/fair-wheel-k ... alth-stem/
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by alcatraz

My alloy uno6+ carbon 3t ergosum ltd combo didn't work great for me. Slowly the stem dug itself into the bars clamp area causing decompression and delamination. This was over a period of 6 months. The stem doesn't have a large surface over the front part of the clamp area so pressure is more focused on two strips. The bars might have been fake ones but even if they weren't I would be extra careful clamping carbon bars with the uno6-7. I avoided it by changing to an integrated stem/handlebar combo at 250gr. We'll see if this presents other issues. None so far.

Point is: certain combinations of bar and stem might present problems. Read more than one review.

If I had to go uno+carbon bar again I would install them differently. I would absolutely 100% use carbon paste liberally. Then I'd screw the four bolts counting the number of turns and do them all evenly. When the clamp starts to tighten I would test the force needed to move the bars. Only a quarter turn extra on the screws after it stops to slide when applying pressure.

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