Iphone 6 mount for racing bike

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by bleko

Hello Guys,

I just bought a Foil 10 2016 and would need a good iphone holder...

Which one between those two mounts would you recommend ?


Thanks you !

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by phallenthoul

You should check out topeak mount.

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by Wheever

Actually, you should look into getting a wahoo RFLKT and keep your iphone in your pocket. I just started to do that, and am much happier than when I was using an iphone mount.

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by shoemakerpom2010

I have been using this for about two years now and it works fantastic. The only downside is topeak software doesn't connect with strava. You can run the strava app if you need that. It also works great with their cadence sensor.....

http://www.topeak.com/products/PanoBike ... e_ip6_plus

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by Point

I fully recommend the Quadlock stuff. They do an out-front mount now as well as a bar or stem mount.

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by bremerradkurier

Been pretty happy with my Bryton GPS head unit-run time is incredible

https://www.amazon.com/Bryton-Rider-Cyc ... +rider+310

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by glepore

Huh? Buy an aero bike and stick an iphone on it?
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by 2lo8

iphone 6 is very aero. 7mm thick. 158mm long. That's something like a 23:1 aspect ratio. Show me a Garmin that aero.
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by Roni1

Rokform is better

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by BeeBee30

I went from running iPhone 4s a 6 with a Topeak mount and then very quickly to a Garmin as I didn't like having a small camping table mounted to my handlebars :shock:
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by lewolive

My experience on Quad lock/Iphone6 is great, with 25000km of pleasure. It's safe for the iphone and offers a good protection in case of light rain.
I also use the Quad lock case all the time in order to protect the phone.
I'll probably buy the next QuadLock for Iphone 7 this Fall...

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by mpulsiv

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by AJS914

I'd be hesitant to put a $600 iPhone in place where it could easily get damaged in a crash. I've had several cyclometers get damaged in crashes over the years.

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by Zakalwe

2lo8 wrote:iphone 6 is very aero. 7mm thick. 158mm long. That's something like a 23:1 aspect ratio. Show me a Garmin that aero.

Show me anyone mounting their 15.8cm long iPhone completely flat and not at ~10degree angle to be able to see it

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by superdx

haha yup, iPhone screen is quite poor at viewing angles. Get a proper cycling computer. One light rain shower and your phone is toast

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