Look Keo Blade Bearing Replacement tutorial, any interest?

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by synthesis

Not so long ago I replaced the bearings on a customers Look Keo Blade TI pedals and in research up to the operation, I scoured the net for some pointers but came up with next to nothing. It seems that Look insist on that it only they can do the service. Well I took apart one pedal and measured the bearings inside (roller bearings only, not the Needle bearing) and bought new... however the "large bearing" I could not find a eksakte replacement for (original bearing is 18 x 12 x 5mm) but found one that would work. Are any of you interested in knowing how to do it yourself?

by Weenie

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by schmorglebot


I'd absolutely be interested in more information regarding Looks pedal bearings.
Everyone else on the internet seems to think they're impossible to replace but mechanically its quite simple.
They're just bearings, find the same inner and outer diameter, and the same width and you're sorted.

I'd appreciate any wisdom you have to share, thanks

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by atakaoka

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by Bogan

Yep! I am interested.
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by jeffy


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by chazmtb

Yes please!

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by shonanmike

Would be appreciated.

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by Ironbarista

Anything new on this?

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by DWatkinsBSB

Mos def. Where you at, synthesis?

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by fignonsbarber

I've never had a Look Keo Blade last long enough without breaking to need bearing replacement (broken 4 pedal bodies).

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by liam7020

Yep would be interested in this tutorial
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by albertop07


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by stormur

on YT are tutorials already...
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by spookyload

How did you get the dust caps to stay in? They press in, but fall out immediately when you ride. I bout new ones and get them to stay in.

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by Ironbarista

The YouTube videos don't have bearing replacement. I can remove and reinstall the inboard cartridge bearing but can't find a replacement in the exact size. I'm assuming the OP uses a washer but not sure hence the bump on this thread. My next option is to remove the bearing and soak it in some degreaser and then regrease it.
For the dust caps, I've seen somewhere saying use loctite. I've used little strips of electrical tape and it works so far.

by Weenie

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