Dura Ace 9070 Di2 for Pinarello F8

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by fh8425

Hi guys

Getting my F8 frame soon. Will be doing it up with DA 9070 Di2, need some advise.

Di2 comes with options which are confusing.

For F8,

- internal wiring option right ?
- Junction, 3 port(SM-EW90-A) or 5(SM-EW90-B) port ?
- I think F8 battery is mounted at the seat tube/seat post ? Would the internal battery option do it ? it is "standard" type battery that fits right ?

http://www.starbike.com/en/shimano-dura ... e-routing/

Thanks guys for any info.

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by pdlpsher1

Yes, the internal battery will work. I got the five port junction box. A while back there was a rumor that the 5 port has some kind of built-in wireless connectivity circuit that is compatible with future Di2 wireless features. I'm not sure if that's still true. A 5 port junction is needed for a TT setup so it opens up more options for you down the road. I also highly recommend the Di2 climbing switch as pictured below. The climbing switch connects to an unused port in the shift lever. Lastly when you install the shift levers be sure to leave a small loop (excess cable slack) near the shift levers. Once upon a time I hit a big pothole and lost shifting to both derailleurs. It turned out that the impact momentarily bent the bar enough to pull out both connectors.


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by fh8425

Thx for the advise and info mate.

Much appreciated.

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by beanbiken

As above but I have only the 3 port junction which is fine but if you have any inclination for later buttons just get the 5 port. I believe though you can piggy back extra buttons from the ports on the actual levers.
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by fr1

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