CeramicSpeed BB - really worth it?

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by TheDarkInstall

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TheDarkInstall wrote:Froome has won the Tour de France 3 times on a steel BB and steel cup and ball wheelbearings.

But not the same BB :wink:


Well, it is only about 3,500km, so 10,500km total. It could easily handle that. I have put 40,000km into my current SRAM steel BB, and it is showing no chance of giving up.

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by bikerbooy

With ceramic bearings,the best choice is to have shimano hubs,then it's the cheapest solution of ceramic set ( but we have ceramic balls only)


Wonder,how many cleanings like this,the bb survive. They do the same with wheels,but it was on a bit other video. Hardcore

by Weenie

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by DaReef

cyclespeed wrote:
DaReef wrote:It's all relative. I'm no where near marginal gain territory but I love the feel of cermicspeed BBs. My Tarmac came with one and like it so much I had one installed on the Allez Sprint build.

I have an Sworks with CeramicSpeed as standard too. What is it you like about the 'feel' so much?

Clearly it is subjective but my CS equipped bikes just feel more smooth throughout the pedal stroke. I seem to really notice when I ride one on the Kickr.

Not saying they live up to the hype or that they are in fact better. It may be placebo and other brands are likely as good, but on my nicer bikes I don't mind spending a little more for CS.

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by shoemakerpom2010

My local Cannondale dealer goes against ceramic bearings claiming they wear out too quick for the cost and has gone with a local bearing company similar to VRX industrial. When I went to change mine he recommended the local bearings over the Ceramic Enduro I had my eyes on for my BB30 in my SystemSix..... So far I have had zero problems even when getting stuck in complete pouring rain.... Then again my Local dealer is a Mtn bike first road bike second kind of shop.....

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by fromtrektocolnago

benefits of ceramic bearings in bikes period is highly questionable. money spent for very little if any benefit. pretty much throwing money out the window in my opinion.
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by mattr


Thought i'd seen this before :D

My comment (from an engineering standpoint, on ceramic bearings) is on page 2.

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by markyboy

Just put ceramic speed bb90 on my madone changed from stock bearings and i have noticed a slight difference pleased with them.
Also Comes with 4 year warranty.
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by TonyM


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by reknop

A little over a year ago I've replace the stock Dura Ace 9000 BB for a C-Bear: https://www.remo-knops.com/5417/c-bear- ... bb86-bb92/ Personally I've found the Ceramicspeed BB too expensive compared to the advantages that bottom bracket would give. The price-point of the C-Bear is EUR 90,- which I found more reasonable. The C-bear is still going strong after a year of riding.
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by havana

+1 for C-bear

CeramicSpeed waaaaaaay too expensive.
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by Belisarius

Zigmeister wrote:
Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:21 pm

Yes, hence the Angular contact bearing Wheels Mfg/Enduro Fork seal offer on the DS side to alleviate all of that "angular" issues you have quoted from somebody.

Also, maybe only 2 watts at most. But anything is better than nothing.

Ceramic/hybrid bearings can be made rounder, lighter and stronger than steel to greater tolerance, hundreds of times tighter than steel. Since it is such a small contact area and part of the bigger picture of total drag, it doesn't add up to much.

If people have the money, they can do what they want with it I suppose.

The first, locktite BB30 press fit mouned on my Italian lasted 8,000kms. But the Locktite cuased other issues due to it being acidic. The two other BB30s lasted 1000 kms max each, or 3 weeks? So got the Enduro XD-15 Ceramic, rode it 1.5 months last summer, 2,400 kms, bliss. 500 kms into this season, it began small clicks on the left, non-driver side (also reported by other users with motnhs onyl failure). 5NM retorque and grease, lasted 1 week. It is now unable to handle left power without clicking, and it is being exchanged for ceramicspeed.

Evidently not all these are created equal, and we must separate the argument from pro advantages, including daily or weekly tuneups, new parts every 500 kms, versus us, whom intend to ride that product more than a full season. perhaps i got a lemno enduro, but i doubt it as similar forum failures, amongst strong riders, describe a nearly identical experience, months-only.

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by ParisCarbon

I went through multiple sets of ceramic bearings on my Cannondale.. the FSA ceramic bearings seemed to die the quickest, and most noise of em all.. I installed a BBInfinite ceramic BB about a year ago.. this bike gets very little use now.. anyways, those bearing nuked themself in the spring.. I just gave up and put the old steel ones I pulled back in... Ive got ceramic speeds on my Tarmac though for a couple of years and they have not been an issue at all...

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by naylor343

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by ryanw

havana wrote:
Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:39 pm
+1 for C-bear

CeramicSpeed waaaaaaay too expensive.
Just gone from a coated CS to a C-Bear. I'm very happy and would say C-Bear performs better and 3rd of the price.
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by Weenie

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by ParisCarbon

Does anyone know the NTN part num for BB30 bearings? When I look at the hambini website and then to the NTN website the part numbers dont match at all... I can get NTN bearings local here in Canada... but about 25 sets of 6806 options came up!
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