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by pdlpsher1

kode54 wrote:the new arch is so much nicer than the previous version. i have the first DM that Craig produced. thinking about upgrading only the front.

You must have the one with the larger fairing.

Upon further inspection I don't think my frame will accommodate a rear EE brake. Here's a pic of my frame (not my bike). I don't know at this point if it's worth it to get just one brake. I sent an email to Fairwheelbikes to see if they could advise on fitment to my particular frame.


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by KWalker

Let's not forget that the EE brakes are much easier to center than aerolink and stay put!
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by bruno2000

For th emoment I went with sram red aerolink brakes as they have a quick-relaese to open the frame.
I swap a lot of times between different sets of wheels (LW, Bora Ultra, Shamal) so also different width of rims.
Shimano and Red brakes with the quick-release toopen are very easy for this.
If the QR is open I can ride the wide rims and if the QR are closed I can ride the narrow rims.
I do not think this is possible with EE?

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by mrlobber

QR isn't quite the right tool to allow for different brake track widths.
EE's can be easily made wider/narrower by several mm's by using the barrel adjuster. At least for me, it is completely enough to switch between 20 / 26mm wide wheels.

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by arizonahalfnhalf

^indeed, plenty of room for me as well to adjust for differences in rim width. The newest iteration of the ee's has a better barrel adjuster. It is functionally the same but redesigned a bit to make on-the-fly adjustments a bit easier.

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by jrmynthn

I've been riding the recent (not the latest) version of the ee brakes. Yes they are a bit more complicated to clean but 60 seconds and a Q tip will get you sorted out. The braking power and modulation is great compared to Ultegra 6800 and the 50% weight savings is a great plus.

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by bruno2000

Thank you guys for the information.

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by aaric

I'll add my feedback: I'd say better than red braking, maybe worse than Dura-ace, but you'd be splitting hairs. Stupid light, and top notch support on them.

I've had a couple issues with my rear direct mount brake that were completely due to my screw-ups, and have had way better than expected after sales service both times.

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by verbs4us

Similar experience as others. Same braking power as DA and Campy NR, but much less lever force required for equivalent stopping power, which takes some getting used to (How can I be stopping with such a light touch?). Mine are set up with Athena levers and work fine, with black Swiss Stop pads. As others noted, the nooks and crannies get dirty quick and is more an aesthetic than performance problem. I don't think I'd go back to Campy or DA--assuming price is not an issue. A pair runs +$600 US, probably more in the Low Countries.

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by kode54

mrlobber wrote:QR isn't quite the right tool to allow for different brake track widths.
EE's can be easily made wider/narrower by several mm's by using the barrel adjuster. At least for me, it is completely enough to switch between 20 / 26mm wide wheels.

i use the different thickness washers to make the adjustments. keeps the brake pull linear. the barrel adjusters i use to fine tune and tweak.
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by 2lo8

If it was really linear then you wouldn't need to keep it linear. That's the point of being linear. It's when it's not linear that it's important to make sure pad contact corresponds to a specific amount of cable-pull and linkage actuation.
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by prebsy

digging up an old thread; can anyone with the new EE's tell me the max rim width I could use? EE claims 28ish and I contacted them to see if my CLX64s (29.5ish) would work but I haven't heard back.

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by tantra

I'm using ee's on two bikes. Wonderful brakes! Powerful, excellent modulation and light.

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by mythical

I recently ordered and received front and rear EE Brakes in the Direct Mount version. Before that, I had the 2nd generation CNC'd ones, my favorite brakes thus far. What a difference in finish, such an improvement! They're going on a Parlee ESX with Enve SES 4.5 G2 tubular rims and I get 'em straight from the source.
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by Erwin

Sorry for reactivating this thread.
But yesterday I want to order the new(er) eebrake direct mount for my Madone 7 with new aero arch. Just before placing my order I have noticed in another shop which excluded Emonda and Madone for this type of brakes. I think the aero arch could collide with the headtube?! Nevertheless I saw some older pictures with a Madone 7 and front eebrake. Was there a special Madone version available long time ago?

The regular eebrake on my Canyon Ultimate works flawlessly with R9150 DI2 lever...

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