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by bruno2000

I'm thinking of biuying EE brakes.
Where can I get them in Europe?
Second question for the guys who have them, is there brakepower at the same level of Dura-Ace and Sram Red calipers?
I live in Belgium, where it's dirty on the road, will they keep on working fine?

by Weenie

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by Ozrider

I use EE Brakes with Dura Ace 9000 and they work really well, have good modulation and have never left me wanting for braking power even with my Edge 1.38's which weren't renowned for good braking.
It is really easy to swap pads and they work well with wider rims.
The only downside is that they are a bit harder to keep clean.
There is a recently upgraded option with a few nice tweaks.

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by kode54

everything bit that Ozrider says. when set up properly...they brake just as well as DA brakes. i use them with DA Di2 and have a set on Campy SR11. no issues with either group.

i use a brush to clean them...since there are generally more exposed areas for dirt to get into.
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by nmx

Yeh just got some new brakes in stock...

Thanks Craig from ee cycle works for those awesome brakes...

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by mr_tim

do sellers in EU have the newer version - different centring nut + different cable adjuster ?

Starbike & ubky both have images of the older version.

I know FWB in US has newer version but want to avoid US duty coming into EU - and would prefer the newer centring allen key adjuster.

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by Rippin

For a brakeset thats almost half the weight of the OE stuff, the EE brakes works pretty good. They have sufficient stopping power but I have found that it's not as good as Dura Ace or Red Aerolink brakes. The amount of lever force required to slow down the bike on a down hill is far greater with the EE compared to DA or Red...and yes, I have everything properly set up.
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by glepore

Agree with the above post, but keep in mind that the lack of initial bite might actually lead to greater overall modulation.
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by rcb78

I think it depends on you how you set them up, I could not tell a difference between my EE's and my DA9000 brakes and at 220lbs I can always tell when a brake is weak.

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by 964Cup

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by KWalker

Way better than Red Aerolinks
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by pdlpsher1

Has anyone tried the new EE direct mount brakes? While I love my Dura Ace direct mount brakes they are quite a bit of a boat anchor :D


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by kode54

the new arch is so much nicer than the previous version. i have the first DM that Craig produced. thinking about upgrading only the front.
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by arizonahalfnhalf

I just installed a set of EE's, not the newest version but the one prior to that (2015's, I guess).

I'm really impressed with them. I came from Campag Super Record 11 brakes (dual pivot front + single pivot rear). The ee's feel very strange at first and when you're setting them up. They feel so soft, the effort of clamping the lever is so minimal compared to the SR calipers. So I was concerned that they wouldn't clamp well..

The modulation is certainly better, much easier to feather into full braking, less of an "all or nothing" feeling, to me at least. I feel that the max clamping power is slightly better than my SR brakes, but obviously that's entirely subjective. Perhaps its because I feel like I am putting less force into the levers. Needless to say, I certainly don't feel that I lost a bit of stopping power in making the switch. For what its worth, I am a small guy (~60kg) and likely am not as hard on brakes as others may be and I feel I have plenty of stopping power. As far as rim brakes go, in the dry, I don't think I could stop any faster without breaking traction at the tire.

by Weenie

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by Fixie82

KWalker wrote:Way better than Red Aerolinks

Agree with KWalker - used Red Aerolinks for a little under a year before swapping to Ee on a new build. For me they offer much better initial bite and way better modulation. I had to apply a lot of lever force to get the same bite from the Aerolinks. I have not used DuraAce but the Ee's have the same amount of power as Ultegra but way better modulation.

They blow other lightweight options that I have used out of the water, which is pretty much what everyone always says about them.

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