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by R350

Looking for an upgrade from my Giro Savant, 'tis time. It's just not 'sexy' enough.

Kinda needs to be relatively lightweight, but not something that will make or break my choice. Ideally though, not something clunky and POC like.

Options are :

Bontrager Ballista
Giro Synthe MIPS
S Works Evade
Met Manta


rh + Z Alpha MIPS
Kask Protone

Can anybody with experience with these helmets aid me slightly in making a relatively concise decision. Any glowing or terrible reviews / opinions on the aforementioned helmets, please share. I have tried on the Kask and the S Works, but the others have caught my eye, hence the topic.

Thanks :thumbup:

by Weenie

Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

Are you looking for aero specifically? If so the Bontrager Ballista is a hard combo to beat, according to the testing last year on Bike Radar.

http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/arti ... ted-44719/

The Giro Synthe has not tested out that well for aerodynamics, but having the MiPS system is nice. If you aren't married to having an aero helmet the Lazer Z1 with MiPS is another nice one. I ride both the Giro Aeon and the Lazer Z1 (non-MiPS version) and like them both equally. I'm retired from racing and therefore don't place a high value on having an aero helmet for general training, though my Strava lifestyle might indicate that I should get one. :lol:

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by Calnago

Kind of depends on which one fits your head the best first and foremost, then the style you like second. I had both the Giro Synthe and Giro Synthe MIPS up until last Sunday. Was wearing the plain Synthe and highsided in a turn at 26mph. Now I have one less helmet, a broken collar bone and some road rash but mostly thankful that a concussion was all my head suffered. The Helmet is toast but did its job. The giro fits my head very evenly all around and I wear the strap fairly snug so that it stays where it's supposed to. Not like some guys who have it so loose they could probably take it off if they had to without unbuckling it. Anyway, I've suffered a few crashes but after this one I'll go out and replace it with anothe Synthe. Not sure even what the MIPS thing is all about except adding more plastic on top of the head. Think for me I prefer just the plain Synthe as my hair wasn't all flattened when they tore me up at the hospital. Lol.
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by R350

Nah, aero properties really aren't that big of an issue, although like you've said BG, the Bontrager I have heard is a decent mixture of vents and aerodynamics. Cheers for the advice though.

Yeah, trying on a helmet is a luxury Calnago, two bike shops near me; one just stocks Mavic's and I aint a fan, and the other just stocks Kasks hence the Kask Protone I tried on. Other than that, internet purchases is really my path to go down. Although, I guess I could buy one, try it on, if it don't fit right, return, repeat process etc.

The rh+ helmet interests me, anyone heard much about this brand? Fit? Quality?

Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

Only thing I'll add is that Giro helmets tend to fit reasonably consistent from model to model. In general I have found Giro/Bell fit heads that are more round in circumference better, whereas Specialized fit heads that are more elliptical in circumference better. The Lazer I have probably is somewhere in the middle, due in part to its retention system.

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by TheDarkInstall

I've got a Kask Protone. I went from a Mojito to that. It is a definite improvement. It fits well, the retention system is good and works with sunglasses a lot better than the Mojito, and is a semi-aero profile.

The pads seem hard wearing (I use it daily in very sweaty conditions and take it in the shower after each ride)

It is also pretty slim-line looking, unlike some other hilariously massive helmets (POC)

I can recommend it for sure.

No experience of the others.

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by Dez33

@R350 I have used the Protone, Synthe and Evade and would rank them in that order. Kask easily the favourite, all nice helmets though.

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by MoreRideTime

Re: the Ballista... A friend was out on a 30+ C day, riding in the hills. He said the helmet was HOT when he was climbing slowly (below 15km/h)

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by pdlpsher1

MoreRideTime wrote:Re: the Ballista... A friend was out on a 30+ C day, riding in the hills. He said the helmet was HOT when he was climbing slowly (below 15km/h)

I have no doubt he was hot however the true comparison is to wear different helmets to see which one is the coolest under the same condition :D

The Ballista has small vents on the very top of the helmet designed to let hot air escape when the wind velocity is low.

I'm still waiting for mine...it's been on backorder for a while now. No shops have them in stock.

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by gswfan

Synthe nice comfortable, works great w Oakleys, and when holding the sunglasses with in the helmet its perfect. Not the lightest but not sure if anyone notices weight deltas these days.

I then bought a Synthe Mips, I did not like the feel, normally wear a medium for mips I would have had to wear a large. Just wasn't feeling it, I returned it.

Kask Protone, just bought it. Fantastic fit, feel. Quality seems spot on. Oakleys work perfect, the straps do not get in the way of the glasses. The chin strap is leather, seems strange, however not a problem at all. Also holding the glasses with in the helmet works fine as well.
I like the Kask better than the Synthe, feels more comfortable for me and then vents actually seem better than the Synthe. Standard fit for me, Med in Synthe and med in Protone. I have bought Giro's time and time again. Prior to Synthe was the Aeon, crashed in it and it saved me, can't complain w Giro either.

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by MikeyBE

I was a toss up between the Protone and the Ballista for me. Went for the Protone in the end - much nicer aesthetics and very comfortable fit in my opinion. Very pleased with my choice.

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by grilledcheese

SWorks Evade is comfortable, but it's also pretty bulky. It looks good on some people, and I settle with looking like a goon.

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by TomColnago

I have a MET rivale which is just the manta with more vents and its really light compared to my old giro air attack. super comfortable helmet :thumbup:

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by mpulsiv

In case you haven't read this https://intheknowcycling.com/2015/09/27 ... ad-helmets

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by R350

Funny that^, because I tried on the Protone (in matte blue) again and every time I walk past it in my LBS I cant not try it on.

I may go for this helmet, thanks for the above post also.

by Weenie

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