UPDATE: Rue Uberlight now 3,346g (7.38lbs)

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by UpFromOne

So weird to have any hate at all here.

Congrats on your art! It pushes boundaries.

by Weenie

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by joejack951

RussellS wrote:Your custom frame from 9 years ago is now just what you can sort of order straight from the maker on their website order form. Any bum and bozo can have a frame just as light as yours.

Sour grapes much? 9 years is a LONG time. I bought my first carbon fiber frame (a LOOK KG386i) in 2004 for a princely sum. I bought my next in 2009 for less than half the money and it was a lighter frame (and a cyclocross frame at that, a Pedal Force CX1). My latest frame, a Hongfu FM079-F, beats them both in price and weight and it's a disc brake frame. It's called progress and it happens but that only makes Don's frame that much more impressive because he beat everyone else to that weight by almost a decade.

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by donald

I weighed the 16 velo plugs on my micro scale, which has 10's of a gram. They weighed 1.9 grams. It is always nice to have positive replies. This is weight weenies, some people like very light bikes and components. As I have said before, I have been riding road bikes since 1970, that's 47 years which has involved lots of miles and racing throughout. I like most all the bikes on here but what I like better is if people really ride and enjoy their bikes. Not everyone has a weight weenie bike but I have talked about the riding I have done on weight weenie bikes, on all kinds of rough roads, crashes etc. Only once did I crash because a weight weenie part broke and it was something that was not modified.

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by FilmAt11

Always nice to see updates! Would be great to see a full sideview photo as you change things. It's a unique bike.

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by natefontaine

Russell's most likely has not see much daylight, on account of spending so much time under bridges, to know The Real Donald.

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by kulivontot

I remember this bike. I think everyone gets a little grumpier in the winter and starts looking for reasons to pick fights. I very much enjoy these detailed bike build threads much more than the 800x "WHATS THE LIGHTEST xxxx COMPONENT, HELP ME CHOOSE" threads that regurgitate topics already discussed 6 years ago.

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by Marin

Incredible bike, and very interesting updates. Thanks!

Isn't it interesting how the people who put the most work into their bikes AND into providing helpful and informative content are also very friendly and calm?

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by metalplease

Yes, Marin - on some forums people get ripped to shreds, but on here I am reading 'home engineering' projects which make me gawp (jaw on floor :shock: )...I can't help but admire these people when they get their bikes almost lighter than a pair of socks! lol

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by 4ibanez

Bravo! Great work on that derailleur!

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by dj97223

RussellS wrote: Any bum and bozo can have a frame just as light as yours.

Well, not any "bum and bozo" has a bike less than 4kg.

Bravo, Donald. :thumbup:
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by BmanX

Agreed. Anyone can source a frame this light but I can tell you only a select few can have a full build this light and it takes a lot of experience, patience and commitment.

Anyone commenting otherwise, lets see what you bring to the table.

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by donald

I always appreciate all the positive comments from everyone. As I said, in March the frame will be 10 yrs. old. As far as I remember Rue was able to get this special carbon through his connections to edge/enve who had access to a very limited number of special aerospace industry carbon and resin. Rue was special and really knew how to work with this carbon and was able to create this uber light frame which is strong, stiff and impact resistant. It continues to be a very special frame. But in all my racing and group rides it was always more about the friendship and just having fun with whatever we were riding. Of course there are differences in frames and components but I never felt that because my bikes were lighter that they were necessarily better other than climbing. It is still us, the experiencer, who has the skill to ride and enjoy whatever our full potential is. Having a bike this light is just something I enjoy and I am able to make it work for riding.

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by eric01

Nicely said. Makes all the negativity even more pointless when it really is all about getting out on your bike with your buddies and having fun.
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by dereksmalls

Still amazing. The statement that any bozo can order a frame this light, really? How many custom builders are building frames under 600gms?

by Weenie

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by TheDarkInstall

Must be sickening to double the weight of your bike by putting on two water bottles, a Garmin and a saddle bag. Haha

Sub 4kg is mad!!

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