dent on zipp 303.....with photo

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by mark_niko

Does anyone have any "dent" on their zipp 303?
The dent seems to be a coin size and can be found on the middle part of the carbon...quite near to the braking surface.what would you say is causing the dent in the carbon?
Would you say my wheel is toast?Is it still safe to ride?
Thanks guys.
indention above the middle spoke
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by Weenie

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by Hyde

Pictures would help!

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by marko

If this is the dents kind of around the rim here and there, they are somewhat normal. My older rear 303 has them and it is not a problem. They have a thin foam layer sandwiched in the carbon and that doesn't hold it's shape as well as the newer stuff. I was also thinking of calling Zipp to see when it would be a concern. As my other post stated, my older Zipp rear rim is fairing better than the new rim I got a couple of months ago.

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by Hyde

Does it effect your braking?

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by maxxevv

That looks like a "collapsing rim" phenomena which occurs when the spoke tension exceeds what those Zipp rims can take. I would advise taking it to your Zipp dealer for a look instead. Its a potential failure issue.

It was something my local distributor advised when I told him my friend wanted to re-lace his old Zipps as the spoke nipples were in bad shape.

by Weenie

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by Remdog

I have exactly that dent on my 404's. When I looked closer I noticed that there was a very little crack near the spoke entry point. The crack was really hard to notice at first. I didn't ride the wheel with the dent.

I sent the wheel back to Zipp as a warrenty. I expect it back any day now.
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