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by 993flo

I prefer the not electric.

by Weenie

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by RTW

993flo wrote:I prefer the not electric.

Wow, tell us more about it. How long did you test it for? Have you got photographs? What was the weight? I can't beleive you actually have it to test, that is amazing! :shock:

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by divve

You don't need to taste poop to know it's not going to be good :lol:

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by turbo pepper

We're a conservative bunch aren't we ?

That said, when STI came out, I bought it very quickly, even though I was a "cadet" racer. It was an obvious advantage.

I'm happy with shifting performance on my bike but it would be useful to have shifters in different places on the bars, like hoods, drops and near the centre of the bars. Not necessary, but maybe helpful, yet weight, battery worry and complexity (I can swap a cable but not repair a motor) do not tempt me.

Instead, I wish Campa and Shimano would spend more time concentrating on engineering their products better, using better alloys and more carbon. Record and Dura-Ace do not represent the best you can buy. Far from it.

Zero Gravity, Speedplay, BTP have all shown that you can make better products for less weight. Add on mass production of these new parts and the prices of a Campa version of 0-G brakes would not be more expensive than Record.

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by RTW

I love the way that when something new comes out from the more exclusive manufacturers like Zero Gravity, LW, M2 Racer etc, everyone is like "give me that, I must have that now", where as SRAM, Campag and Shimano try to push things forward, try something new and everyone is like "screw that, I aint using that shit!" and the funniest thing is that far more of us will end up using the stuff from SRAM, Campag and Shimano that we are less enthused about, and far less will use the latest seatpost/wheels/skewers that everyone gets excited about. :lol:

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by divve

Not so much to do about it being new. It's the reliance on a power source that I don't like and how electronics change the feedback to your senses. Compare it to writing on a piece of paper, a drawing tablet, or PDA for that matter. Same thing with Cameras....sort of a moot point now with digital photography....but when film was the main media there was no electronic release that could touch how a mechanical Leica R6 felt...same thing with using auto-focus or completely manual. It's two different mentalities of doing things.

Unless, considerable progress is made in electric motors, power consumption, and batteries, I don't see it replacing mechanical shifting. I think it's safe to assume that the two systems will exist side by side for a long time to come.

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by NS

I just cant see it ever getting used in Paris Roubaix. At least a cable is pretty much unaffected by water

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by pk0r

On Paris-Nice's broadcasting today on Eurosport they said Ronny Scholz (Gerolsteiner) has been riding Shimano's electronic FD and RD yesterday and that it would only be 100gms heavier than the normal DA.
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by drjones96

We have a word for things like this in the aerospace industry: Clap Trap :lol:

In general this means when you want to improve something by adding complexity it usually doesn't make it better.....just more complex.

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by Kuiper

Felix steal Lee's camera to take some pictures quick 8) (ps. bring it back after using)

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by Geoff

I just cant see it ever getting used in Paris Roubaix.

Actually, Robbie Hunter used the Campagnolo electric shifters in Paris Roubaix last year ... k/L1000202 and Nico Eeckhout won Dwars door Vlaanderen ... pr05/bike1 with the Campagnolo electric system...

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by lancejohnson

as far as i know, campag has speciffically been testing theirs in the biggest crap possible to make sure that the whole deal is solid. they have been at it for at least three years and are still testing which either gives me great confidence in their standards, or no confidence in their electronics...

maybe shimano is the way to go, maybe they could team up with sony. maybe i could get one with an integrated mp3 player - subtract the weight of my ipod and i bet it would weigh less than a standard dura ace setup...
ahhh, never mind....

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by Warblade

or we could just stick to cables?

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by Ripley451

How about single speed? :lol:
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