New summer tire - Corsa G+ vs Strada Pro vs Turbo Cotton

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by micro553


Have Axis 4.0 with 21 mm inner and 26 mm outer width.

Been looking at these and have a hard time making up my mind

Vittoria Corsa G+
Seems good, look good, quess 25 mm is the smallest I can go on my wide rims

Challenge Strada Pro 25 mm

Specialized Turbo Cotton 24 or 26 mm

Maybe (but I Think they will be too smalll)
Corsa Speed TRL 23 mm

Witch one do u Think is best as a summer, fast road tire.

I have the Compass Jon Bon Pass 35 mm today but what a faster tire for summer.

Anyone tried them of my options and can give a Review.

by Weenie

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by KarlC

I just got a set of ZIPP SLSPEED 27C and I love them, also the price is really good

Here is a good review on the new ZIPP tire line up.... ... e-and.html

Have you seen this chart.... ... 1224624714

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by itsacarr

I find the new vittorias to be just as fast and feel as nice as or better than my s-works tires but far more durable. Certainly not a bad choice for summer tires although I have been using a set through part of the winter as well.

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by micro553

okej thanks for info. Fast and durable sounds good.

Yes the turbo cottons seem like a strict "race day tire"

Anyone tried the Challenge Strada Pro open tubular that can give a review.

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by DartanianX

I train/commute/race here in Sydney on the Turbo Cotton and have had no punctures at all.

Wear rate is very good too considering I seem to chew through my equipment at a rate of knots.

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by SLCBrandon

I ride Cottons for everything and they are WAY more durable than what they are marketed as. Def not a race day only tire.

It's my fav tire I've ever used. Seriously.

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by arizonahalfnhalf

I've been riding the Challenge Strada Pro's Open Tubulars for a while now. I absolutely love them as far as ride quality, grip, etc. They're marketed as 25mm but they measure closer to 28-29mm generally when stretched (as measured on my wider Reynolds rims).

BUT, they're terribly unreliable. Some will last 2-3,000km's with no issues, some will only last 2-300km's, some will last an hour. They generally separate between the sidewall and the clincher bead. At first, I attributed it to luck but after going through a few dozen tires over the past year or so on multiple different wheels, there is definitely something wrong. I've had 4 replaced by Challenge, they didn't seem a bit surprised and were very willing to warranty them.

On another note, I've been riding the Vittoria Corsa Graphenes and they are phenomenal thus far. Great grip, soft ride, but seem to be much thicker. Can't speak much to the longevity as I've got a pretty fresh pair, but fingers are crossed. I do miss the Challenges a bit, but I don't miss changing the damn things on a weekly basis on one of my wheelsets.

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by micro553

About the Strada - I´ve read something about the durabillity aswell.

So the list is down to
Vittora Corsa G+ 25 mm
Turbo Cotten 24 or 26
MAybe Corsa Speed.

The ones that uses Turbo do u run 24 or 26 mm? and how big are they IRL?


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by Marin

I run Turbo Cottons in 24, they measure true to size for me. I'm also finding them quite durable.

On the other hand, I got a set on Veloflex Masters 2 days ago and I'm loving them so far. Great price too!

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by arizonahalfnhalf

The Corsa Graphene 25's measure 26mm on my wide rims, maaaaybe a pinch wider as they've stretched a bit.

It really just depends on the roads in your area and what you're riding on a daily basis to find the right balance between a supple fast tire and some reliability.

I haven't ridden the Turbo Cottons as they're generally ridiculously expensive and, in my opinion, really similar to the old Vittoria Open Corsa SC III's, which can be had much cheaper. Also very similar to the two are the Veloflex Master 25mm's, which are a super nice 320tpi tire, have been more reliable for me than the Challenges, They are also way cheaper than any other tires of the same par and mine have all been 200-210g a piece for the 25mm size.

To add another bit of complexity, if you're looking for a bit more on the reliability side, also consider the Clement Strada LGG. They're not nearly as "nice" of a tire as any of the corespun cotton open tubular tires, but they're a hell of a lot more durable and still have loads of grip and ride great. They're also ~$30 USD a pop and they come in a 25 and 28mm size.

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by micro553

Yes the Cotton:s are alot of Money. Like 70 -75 euro per tire.

Veloflex Master seem good value - haven´t lookt at them Before.

They are like 26 euro per tire.

Vittorias are like 46 euros

What tubes do u recommend?

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by micro553

The price bwtween the Corsa G+ and Veloflex Master is not that big.

Witch one do u Think?

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by mpulsiv

Scroll down to see a chart of puncture resistance ... otton-2016

Turbo cotton = 10.1 watts
Corsa G+ and GP 4000S = 12.2 watts.

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by torob

Does anyone know where to buy Turbo Cottons at a decent price? They're twice the price of any of the other top tire brands!
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by Weenie

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by micro553

Yes me to would like to know where to buy the Cottons for a good price - in the EU

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