Cannondale CAAD12 105 complete strip with RAW weights

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.

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by soulrockfm

han1337 wrote:All the weight sins add up and then your bikes bloody obese, better build it up by yourself.
Whats the weight of your bike??

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by burglarboycie

Any progress on this?

by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

Yes, there's been some progress. It's been slow though... plans changed on what I wanted to equip it with + work/career stuff + spending the past year or so doing more wilderness camping & hiking than riding. It used to be 30% camping 70% riding, this past year it's been 20% riding, 80% backpacking/camping/hiking. Mostly to get away from politics, and humans with their projecting/assumptions/psychological issues. :)

Hoping to have it built up finally by October.
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by ross

Clownfreak wrote:Satin polish over chromed polish!

Orbital sander + sanding paper grit 220-then 320- then 400
Cordless drill with cloth disc + brown rouge polish paste
Applied graphics bought on Ebay
Light soda blast( buy some baking soda and search "soda blasting DIY on YOU TUBE")
Light polish with white rouge polish paste
Remove graphics!

One other thing: Trust yourself!

Very good job there 8)

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by FilmAt11

Looking forward to seeing the build!

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by erik$

It's October ... ;)

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by ericoschmitt

I really enjoyed reading this - in june 2018 - and now I'm waiting for the build too! He must have given up...

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