Please recommend a light and reliable bottle cage.

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by luckypuncheur

Tacx Deva. I was a long term Mandible owner and love the Devas. Best bottlecage I owned so far.

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by Weenie

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by fh8425

elite leggero, no problem so far.

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by sugarkane

Fairwheel cages.. Half the price of the arundel at 20g quite a bit lighter and they come in 4 finishes

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by eaglejackson

tinozee wrote:I use Mandibles and they're awesome with spesh bottles. I like big mouth and purist tops for those. Neither of them get squished in mandibles. The Elite cages are strong holding as well but a lil porky.

My experience, too. I dumped the Zipps, which didn't grip the bottles well, for the Mandibles and love them. No issues of crushing bottles with Specialized bottles. I use only clear Specialized, with various tops. The Mandibles hold securely, easy to remove and re-insert bottles. I won't use anything else after trying a number of other cages.

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by prebsy

sugarkane wrote:Fairwheel cages.. Half the price of the arundel at 20g quite a bit lighter and they come in 4 finishes

Did your fairwheel cages come in at 20g? Mine were both 27g :cry:

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by Speedypalmer

+ 1 for Arundel Mandible ... very secure, light, simple and good-looking!

out of interest has anyone tried the Arundel Tri Seatpost Clamp? Looking for aero hydration options and this looks interesting!!!

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by LeBramJames

I just bought Time Carbon bottle cages:;pr ... 0,5,128,68 ... 42885.html

They are claimed to be 25 grams but on my scale both are 16 grams, which is very light. Only did one ride so can't tell you yet how reliable, but the shape is pretty basic so I'm not concerend at all. I will post back here if I experience a "bottle ejection".

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by savechief

I am liking the Enve cages I just bought.

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by thp

Dave-O's for me. Works with everything from Coco cola elite bottles, to polar and camel. The wider arms and good grip just clamp everything well.

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by superdx

King Cages, light, they will never break, your bottles will never fall out and it'll look exactly like it does today and 20 years from now.

They're also quite minimal with no logos so they do look good on every bike.

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by Jaroslaw

AX Lightness Nasdwovje.
I use them in MTB with Camelbak Chill bottles and never had a bottle ejected.

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by mimason

I initially had success with Zipp cages on a prior bike but ditched them after purchasing more for a new build. They were looser fitting than the older ones I had and they launched bottles frequently. I went with the Arundel Mandibles and as previously mentioned they are really good especially with Purist bottles that I primarily use. This combo is very good but obviously there are a lot of other options.

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by salesguy

Shimano PRO UD carbon are very nice, good hold, light and look nice.

Cheaper options is their fiberglass ones

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by coneill0422

At 40 grams a pair I would say that Enve's are some of the best out there. The hold is fantastic and the bottles almost snap in they are held so well, plus side load is great. I had some cheap Chinese carbon cages and while one of them held the bottle no problem the other one had a ton of flex in the arms and couldn't hold a bottle worth $hit.

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by Squint

I have King stainless on my old Ti bike. They never dropped a bottle and never held a bottle too tightly. I got a new carbon fiber bike and the Kings didn't really fit aesthetically so I got some Pro fiberglass cages. They were way too tight with the Specialized big mouth bottles I have. I then tried a Specialized Rib Cage 2 and it works a lot better. I also have a pair of Arundel Dave-Os on the way. I always thought bottles and cages were standardized but all the new cages I tried were much more sensitive to bottle size than the Kings.

by Weenie

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