Damaged fiber frame. Toss it fix it or (try to)sell it?

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by RussellS

too crusty wrote:I'm all in with my frame and because of the crack I probably won't sell it because I won't get anywhere near a fair price but I'm ok with that.

What exactly is the "fair price" for your broken frame?

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by AJS914

rchemsley wrote:Yeah I didn't think this would be an easy do-it-yourself job, especially since it's Felt's Textreme carbon weave.

Felt's Textreme construction really has nothing to do with whether you can effectively repair the bike or not. It may make it harder to get a perfect match if that matters to you. Even then, you just find the right type of carbon weave for the top layer that can be seen.

Are you sure it's cracked all the way through? Maybe it's just a paint crack? You can tap the area with a coin, if the sound is dead on the crack compared to an adjacent area then there is structural damage. If the sound doesn't change, you may just have a cosmetic issue.

Depending on where the crack is, it could be super easy to DIY repair or not too expensive to have someone with experience do it if you don't want a undetectable repair.

I've been working on a carbon repair project. I'd recommend searching google and youtube for carbon fiber bicycle repair. You'll find lots of videos illustrating the kinds of things you can do DIY and how much effort and technique it takes. After doing that I decided that I can DIY my frame.

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by milkbaby

If you don't need to match the paint, you can probably get a repair in the neighborhood of US$150-250.

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by racingcondor

I have a riding buddy who got his Scott Addict repaired (cracked top tube from a crash). Great repair from a reputable person in the UK and if I remember correctly only cost him £130 including paint. Easy repair admittedly but I wouldn't hesitate to do the same for a frame I like.

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by DeLuz

If the crack was not disclosed you should be able to file a case on Ebay and get your money back.
If you want to get it repaired best option is send it to Calfee but it will cost you a few hundred plus shipping.

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by kevosinn

I use textreme on repairs and have a few different types in stock
Www.crypticcycles.com Custom carbon frames, bar/stem combos, repair and component tuning.

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by nutty

kevosinn wrote:I use textreme on repairs and have a few different types in stock

I have a Felt F1 textreme FRD crack on along the seat tube, are you able to recommend something?

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by mr4fox

i had a cracked top tube fixed. rode the frame for another 10000km before getting hit by a car and writing it off....it wasn't a pretty repair job. The guy used 3k weave to patch it on a bare UD carbon frame,...don't ask me why. But he was the only guy i could find in Norway. Next time i think id send the frame to the UK lol!.

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