2016 Fuji SL

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by kgt

That's marketing guys... and Fuji is not that good at it. Even their site looks miserable for 2015 standards...
If that was a Spec SL or Trek SL that would already have its 20 pages thread.
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by headwind816

I am excited about this frame and look forward to reading some reviews. More than reviews though, I want to read more about the process Fuji employed to build the frame. The small write up on bikerumor provided a glimpse, but the geek in me want to know about the custom bladders, qc, etc

This frame may be my be my first true WW frame. I have had several in the 900 range and recently picked up a Raleigh Militis with a claim weight of 880 grams, but I have not dreamt until now of picking up a 700 gram frame.

by Weenie

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by g32ecs

as someone who enjoys climbing this is music to my ears.

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by russianbear

Fuji stepped up their game (but not marketing - not sure they care too much) with the Transonic last year and the SL for 2016.

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by djconnel

My clearcoat 2008 Fuji SL/1 small is 860 grams. The 690 claim appears to be an unpainted small frame from the photo I saw. I'd lean more toward Cannondale's and Cervélo's approach of designing in some aerodynamic optimization and still getting low mass. My SL/1 is excessively trailed, but they've gone to longer fork rake on the small models to counter that. When I get on my Fuji after riding my Ritchey I've got to reprogram how I ride out of the saddle or descend due to the long trail. Also the SL/1 used a 31.8 mm post but they've moved back to 27.2 mm at some point. Cannondale uses 25.4 mm which makes sense to me. The light build is expensive: SRAM Red, EE brakes, Reynolds RAZR tubulars, Jagwire cables.

Anyone see a geometry spec for the 2016 SL?

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by 53x12

^ So are the light builds from Cannondale, Cervelo, Trek...etc.

Just buy the frameset at $1900 (get a Performance Bikes discount coupon), spend $1200-1300 on SRAM red 22, get your favorite saddle/seatpost/cockpit for $1000 or so and get a new set of wheels or use your current ones. Can have a very nice and light build for around $4,000-4,500.
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by garyhgaryh

I bought my Fuji SL in 2005 or 2006 and I still ride it today.
The claimed weight of my Fuji SL is 15.3 lbs.
I just weighed my Fuji today with the powertap G3 and shimano pedals and it weighs 17.6 lbs.
The pedal and G3 with the heavier rim is over 2lbs of added weigh so I think the 15.3 lbs spec
weight for my SL is correct.

I was looking at the new 2016 Fuji SL and decided to search this board on opinions of the new bikes.
Performance Bikes already have these bikes listed on their website.

Looking fwd to some review links of these bikes. It's about time I got a new bike. I've been wondering if I should get a new bike or spend some money on my current bike to get the weight down to sub 16 lbs (including pedals).


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by cleavel


Will be getting one of these from the bike shop that sponsors my race team. I get a decent discount from list. This will replace my 2012 Cannondale SuperSix Hi-Mod. Going to take most of the parts off of my Cannondale: Record-10 (NOS bought in 2012) with Zipp 303 Firecrest tubulars and Zipp cockpit. Assuming it will handle well enough for the typical industrial park criterium based on the geometry posted on the Fuji website. Quoted weight is for a 56 cm frame. I'm getting a 52 cm. Will post the actual weight of the frame with associated frame hardware when I get it -- probably 4+ weeks from now.

Always liked the look of my friends' Fujis (SL/1 and SST) but the geometry of those frames didn't quite work for me from a fit perspective. This one should even though the reach is a bit short. (I'll need at least a 120 mm stem, maybe 130 mm.)
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by commendatore

I've heard good things about recent Fuji frames, but unfortunately most of it has come from people with strong ties to performance bikes

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by russianbear

Why "unfortunately"?

It's no accident, as Fuji/ASI primarily distributes through performance bike.

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by RussellS

Several people have mentioned the 2016 Fuji SL frameset is available from Performance Bike. Is it available only in their retail stores? I do not see the SL frame on the website. The only frame on the Performance website is for the 2015 Transonic SL. The Fuji website shows both the SL and Transonic frames for sale.

Performance website 2015 Fuji Transonic SL.
http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/Pr ... 1___400784

Fuji website.
http://www.fujibikes.com/bike/details/t ... c-sl-frame
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

@RussellS, is this it? http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/Pr ... 1___000000

Although the pricing doesn't seem to be right...
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by Krackor

It's not the same as the 1.1 at least. The 1.1 is "C15" carbon fiber in the frame and "FC-330" fork. The 2.3 is "C10" frame and "FC-440" fork. Probably heavier than the 1.1 by a couple hundred grams.

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by RussellS

Powerful Pete wrote:@RussellS, is this it? http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/Pr ... 1___000000

No. One or two people above said the new 2016 Fuji SL FRAME was for sale at Performance Bike. Retail store only or website too? The one you linked to was for a whole bike. And as mentioned by another post, the bike you linked was one of the cheaper models in the SL series using a lower grade of carbon. I think the SL frame mentioned by the prior posts was for the top end 2016 Fuji SL frame/fork with the highest grade carbon. And lightest weight frame a bit under 800 grams. And fork weight around 300 grams.

by Weenie

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by russianbear

The frameset was removed from the website last week I think. You might have to go into your local PB and have them order it directly from ASI.

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