chinese carbon handlebars: YES/NO ?

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by J00P

on my cyclocross bike I have a heavy (~350gram) Cannondale C3 handlebar.
Are there any decent chinese carbon handlebars, or is use of these handlebars considered to be too risky? Which supplier would you recommend?

(since there are many happy users of chinese frames on this site, I hope there is some experience with handlebars as well)


by Weenie

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by McGilli

I've been using chinese bars on my CX bike for 2 years now with no problem. But yes - you must choose a reputable seller.

I actually use an integrated bar and stem combo since they tend to be heavier duty with the all in one construction. I was using a deda bar/stem before - but when my bike tipped over from leaning on a tree - and the drop snapped - that's when I went to heavier bars. No problem since with many falls and hits to the ground while riding.

But - if you are looking to use lighter bars than what you currently have - I don't know as my integrated bars weigh 360g...

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by J00P

With the integrated bars I would loose my stem (weighing 120 g) so it would still be an improvement.
What manufacturer did your bar come from?

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by odin99

n = 1. i broke mine going over a bump. they were FSA aerowing imitation. no more for me. others have had success.

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by dereksmalls

I'm running Hylix carbon bars with a Hylix stem on my CX race bike, no issues at all. Have ridden them on MTB trails too and no problems so far

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by kulivontot

I don't trust name brand carbon bars let alone sketchy chinese made ones. I've crashed a handful of times and have never needed to replace the handlebars. In addition, the fairwheel bikes handlebar test revealed that the three alloy bars they tested were stiffer than pretty much every carbon bar in the test. Their stem tests showed a similar trend.

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by russianbear

I have a Hylix bar (copy of erganova) that worked fine with no issues. Never crashed though. I'm using a zipp carbon bar now, mostly because of the shape.

@kulivontot Stiffness is not the most important thing for everyone. My Zipp SLs are stiff enough, comfy as can be and light to boot.

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by ophiravina

I bought 3t fake chinese carbon bars and installed them on my bike with a torque wrench. when I went to the parking lot to test them out I lifted the front wheel and the bars cracked when I landed. I strongly recommend you not to buy chinese bars.
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by Marin

3 sets of Chinese carbon bars, no problems.

Broke one of them in a 45kph crash last week, got a new one coming.
I cut the broken one open to get the internal cabling out, looks nice & clean on the inside.

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by gilco

I bought one a few months ago, and the handlebars were crooked, the left side was off-axis


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by Krackor

Can those with positive experiences share which vendor you used?

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by AJS914

I ride carbon bars (two sets of Zipps and a set of Reynolds) but I'm still not sure they are worth it (safety wise or price wise). At least I feel that the Zipp and Reynolds bars are high quality from a reputable manufacturer.

I've had 4 sets of carbon bars now and one set broke on a guy I sold them to. They were Time bars. I thought they would be bullet-proof. They broke off just below the shift lever. He had a shop install them so I assume that the shop monkey over tightened the clamp. Fortunately, he was ok.

You can get Zipp Service Course SL bars for around $65-70 if you shop around. They only weight 250g.

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by PDK

There's a recent MTB forum thread about cheap Chinese carbon risers having a 21mm outer diameter -- too narrow to attach brake levers or grips to -- I would avoid them

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by KarlC

I had a Zipp replica that I had no issues with

Got a set of 3T Aeronova that cracked at the stem after I hit a BIG pot hole, seller gave me a full refund.

Now I have a replica of the New Cervélo S5 Aero bar on its way to me, we will see.

by Weenie

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by vejnemojnen

I see that you are from the Netherlands. If you afraid of "unknown" chinese bars, then I'd strongly suggest you to look around bike24 or bike-components, they have some freakin deals on bars. Try to browse their offers first, to see whether you can find some nice 44cc bars which suit your style of riding. :thumbup:

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