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by g32ecs

Kjetil wrote:
Sat Nov 16, 2019 9:19 pm
Yes, Okkupert did run on Norwegian TV2. Is the Netflix show subtitled, dubbed or is it spoken English?
I never watched dubbed. Reminds me of 80s dubbed kung fu movies 😂 Subtitles are good, great series to keep me busy on the trainer. I just finished season 1.

Anyway, we digress. Great show y'all.

Back to Assos 🙂

by Weenie

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by kookie

Probably end up getting the RS Spring/Fall SS jersey and shorts.
Not sure how much I'd end up wearing them. Got the IJ.Intermediate jacket, last years S/F jacket and the knickers.

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by chorus88

A Tale Of Two Premium Cycling Brands: Assos Vs. Rapha
By Rob Reed, Feb 14, 2019 ... -vs-rapha/
To summarize, Assos launched in 1976 by introducing the first Lycra cycling shorts because wool didn't perform as well. And Rapha launched in 2004 with a wool jersey because the fit and style of Lycra was less than stylish. If you want to get really specific, Assos launched as a cycling short company and Rapha launched as a cycling jersey company. These were their respective footholds in the apparel market and have been their advantages ever since.
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by Kjetil

Fitting shorts versus flapping jerseys. Take your pick.
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by LionelB

BdaGhisallo wrote:
Thu Nov 14, 2019 10:37 am

I love Assos gear and have been wearing it exclusively for about 15 years now but I am getting tired of everything coming in black these days. Do they not know of the desire by many to be more visible? I always pay attention to the colors that fellow riders are wearing when I see them out on the road and those wearing black and other very dark colors are almost invisible on anything but a bright sunny day. Throw in some light colored jerseys and jackets for pete's sake.
Same here but I have not bought an Assos winter top in many years. Black (or almost all black) is a deal breaker for me. It's cold this morning, I will wear my 15yo 851 red jacket.

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by ryanw

Just bought the new Assos Winter Gloves. I already have the Bonkas so wanted something a little lighter.

First impressions, very well put together and a few nice touches.

They sit nicely between my Rapha PT gloves and my Bonkas, for 0-5° riding.

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by KCookie

kgt wrote:A lot of stuff on sale here:
Problem is they are always out of stock of the regular sizes.

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by kgt

Not this time.

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by yinya

For size L pretty much everything interesting (winter tights, nicer jerseys) out of stock

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by Stoffa

Just received a pair of Ultraz winter gloves. They look really nice, especially combined with my Ultraz jacket its clear both pieces are designed to work together. What does puzzle me, though, is their total lack of thickness. Im having a hard time believing these will keep my hands warm with temperatures among freezing levels.

Especially compared to my GripGrab Optimus gloves these look more like spring/fall gloves than winter gloves. But hey, the proof of the pudding is in the eating of course.

Edit: Just compared them to my old Castelli Scalda gloves. I use these for 5 degree celsius conditions, as theyre definitely not suited for 0 degrees. The Ultraz gloves are much more similar to these, than to my Optimus gloves (marginally thicker at best). The Castelli's were never waterproof, however, meaning I was already considering replacing them. So if it turns out the Ultraz are no warmer than these they can just be their substitute.

@kjetil Did you get that RS spring fall jacket yet? I'm on the fence regarding buying it. I've found a place that will discount it from 300 to 240 euros for me, but it's still eyewateringly expensive. Especially if you also want the gilet. Did you manage to find a decent discount on it yourself?

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by Kjetil

Sorry for the late reply. Not received it yet. My pusher’s late, but no worries. -5 C here now. Not planning for the gilet. Have the Falkenzahn, the lighter Équipe gilet and the Emergency Vest.
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by gangbang

I have some oldie FI Uno Campionissimo S5 bibs which are perfect in all ways for years. Except one thing - their color started to fade out from black to brown. Is it possible to save it from fading, or should I just chill and ride them as is?

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by Kjetil

Chill. Those S5 shorts have a tendency to brown with age.
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by Weenie

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by dcorn

yinya wrote:
Fri Nov 22, 2019 7:11 pm
For size L pretty much everything interesting (winter tights, nicer jerseys) out of stock
Always the case when it comes to any discount Assos stuff.

Years ago, I was able to get a couple pairs of Large S5 bibs from the factory outlet. Should have bought 20 pairs.

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