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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by sawyer

highdraw wrote:
sawyer wrote:
highdraw wrote:
sawyer wrote:...and breathe ...

the weight and cost would rule it out for me vs the Canyon. It may well be a bit more
aero but probably marginal at anything other than very high speeds

...and try to be more accurate...
Aero bikes are heavier than non aero bikes and aero benefit is marginal for all aero bikes relative to non aero race bikes or non aero race bikes wouldn't continue to win pro races.

Btw, I would be surprised if there were two other people on this forum other than myself who understood why aero bikes are heavier than non aero bikes for a given frame size.

Er, not sure why you are introducing the concept of accuracy.

My comment was in relation to the Canyon Aeroad CF SLX, an aero frame that, if the weight values above for the Venge Vias are more or less accurate, is lighter, and of course much cheaper.

Given the aero claims made for the Vias vs. the Venge, and the comparative performance of the Venge and Canyon in so far as it can be understood, it would not surprise me if the Vias comes out marginally more aero, but at a weight and cost penalty.

Where have I been inaccurate exactly?

Because you are engaging in a more pedantic and meaningless debate. Whether the Canyon or Venge are more aero than each other doesn't matter because this difference is miniscule and noise relative to speed. This .005% either way is eclipsed by not only other qualities of each bike in terms of handling, response to pedal force, ride comfort etc not to mention small change in riding position trying to replicate the position of the same rider on either bike. Your argument is moot. The larger argument is whether an aero bike is faster than a non aero bike and champion riders in some instances choose a non aero bike for a given venue because the perception is will be faster in spite of a slight tubeset shape difference.

If that doesn't sort it out for you then I need to provide a more vivid analogy. A racer has a choice between two slippery race cars and can't decide as they each have positive qualities. At the end of the day he decides on race car B because it has a napkin in the glove box...lol.

The aero difference will be minimal yes, I've already implied that. The cost and weight difference less so.

Nothing you've written points out where I was inaccurate.
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by MRM

knukkeltje wrote:To help you a bit, here's the rest of his wins in 2015:
- Tirreno adriatico stage 6 - Venge
- Tour of California stage 4 - Venge (wheelie!)
- Tour of Switzerland stage 3 - Venge
- Tour of Switzerland stage 6 - Venge ViAS
- Slovakian national championship - Venge
- Vuelta a España stage 3 - Venge ViAS

Slovakian national championship was on Venge ViAS. Not really important to your overall point (that I agree with), but for posterity's sake. :wink: :smartass:

No offense intended.

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by knukkeltje

I stand corrected.

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by Frankie - B

Locked, please all go out and ride your bikes. I think that that is a better idea then getting into an argument on the internet.
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