96g saddle-seatpost combo & new bike weight 3,392g

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by donald

I made this saddle-seatpost combo; it weighs 96.5g. I did a few other things to make the bike lighter: I took 3g off the rear derailleur, 2.5g off the front derailleur, new bb-bearings with full ceramic, new bar-end plugs are now 1.5g for both, I took a little more weight off the crankset, and I made a carbon R-side downtube shift lever.

The total weight is now 7.48lbs or 3,392g. I will give more details about what I did later. The saddle looks a little rough from trimming the sides on these pictures; since then it's smoother. I made the saddle-seatpost combo about five months ago and have about 1300 miles on it with no problems. I think most of you remember I weigh ~138lbs.

by Weenie

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by dereksmalls

:faint: Amazing! I'm astounded you have the balls to tune those cranks, truly a piece of art

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by Stolichnaya

Donald, just when we think this bike can't get lighter you prove us wrong. Astounding is correct. Keep going, we are watching! :popcorn:
It really still looks amazing.

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by Mr.Gib

Amazing indeed. But how do those chain rings not just fold up when stand on the pedals - terrifying.
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by donald

Mr. Gibb, I have been using carbon chain rings for about 15 years, some with less material and only once did a small 38 tooth ring crack, standing on the pedals going very hard up an 18 % grade. these rings on my Rue do not have any flex that I can feel. Together they weigh 62 grams, thats, 50 - 34 teeth.

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by donald

I just realized, the weight I said for the two rings is probably the weight for some modified al. rings have. I am not at home where I have the info. on my weights. I will check it tomorrow.

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by dereksmalls

I can't remember but are they Fiber-Lyte rings that you've dremelled out yourself?

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by mdeth1313

Ahh, real WW stuff! So nice to see a Rue frame!
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by Byskov

Awesome build!

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by bfno

Amazing! True weightweenieism! How much does that rear wheel weigh? Surely there is a bit to be lost with a matching carbon rear rim.
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by bm0p700f

If i remember right the rear rim is magnesium andweighs less than a shallow carbon rim.

I should really build a light bike this thread is inspiration. I wonder howmlight donald can go with the bike. I wonder what graphene can do when applied to bike parts.

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by kgt

Amazing project but the finish of the saddle does not look nice at all. Aesthetics should matter as well IMHO.

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by ras11

Maybe you already did, but the full ceramic bearings really don't need seals. You likely can take them off and save a gram. Ditto if your dérailleur bearings are full ceramic. Just curious, are these bearings anything special in load rating? I know full ceramics can be low.

Nice to see this bike continues to evolve. Kudos on the upgrades.
:-) Toys-R-Us

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by Carbonwork

What is the weight of the bottle cage?
Maybe I will build a lighter one for you! :beerchug:

by Weenie

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by xena

Hi Donald. I use a down tube shifter on my front mech. I took out all the bits and bobs and made carbon ones and a very light alloy screw. I'm not sure if that would work on the right side but it saves a few grams over the usual washers and bits etc. I'm using a modolo shifter but on my next build I picked up some old Shimano plastic down-tube shifters they look strong enough to drill out.
I did have a btp shifter but I lost/stolen.

I drilled big holes in the rear cage of my front red mech. I then thought F%%k it and just drilled it all out. It's fine. You could lose at least another gram.

Combo looks great and those drilled out holes in your cranks are insane.
keep up the good work.
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