Speedplay Zero Aero walkable cleats mini review

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by trex021

I've got about 600 miles on my walkable cleats. They're awesome. They are so much easier to walk in. No problems at all.

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by shoemakerpom2010

I have been reading this review since the beginning and it made me go and try these . I have to say they are the best thing to happen to the Speedplay system. The only thing I do outside of the stock install is use blue lock tight on the bolts going into the sole and always use shims to make sure its at the correct angle. I have about 500 miles on them and have had no issues at all and the cleat area stays clean. I would say in my case that I am not a heavy walker and am only 135lbs if that has any affect on it. My only surprise is that I have not seen these in any of the shops around me that carry Speedplay products.....Had to order from Excel Sports.

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by Bnystrom

I installed a set at the beginning of August. My initial impression was that they were a bit harder to engage, but otherwise felt fine. I really liked being able to walk around in the house if necessary without worrying about damaging the floors and they felt a lot more secure when walking up and down stairs, out of the garage and around the driveway. I had no issues with the covers coming off and the caps held fine, too, though I didn't find much reason to use them.

It seems that the key to keeping the covers on is to make absolutely sure that the corners of the cleat are properly seated in the pockets in covers. If you don't they won't stay on, but when properly installed, they're pretty bombproof.

After using them for a while, they seemed to be somewhat more prone to clogging with dirt, so I started using the caps when walking in dirt parking lots and such. I also mixed up some oil-free cleat lube that won't attract dirt. I've found that these cleats are much less prone to squeaking than the regular Zero cleats (which I've found to be really annoying).

On a recent trip to Italy, I had to walk in them more than normal, including through sharp gravel parking lots and up a 50 yard cobbled driveway with about a 25% grade, a couple of times. This was a pretty extreme test and it did some damage to the right cover, deforming it enough that one corner is now loose. I tried heating the cover with a hair dryer to see if the material would return to its original shape, but it didn't help. The cover hasn't fallen off and I'm still using it, but I'm going to replace them soon, before any problems develop. The cleats themselves are still working fine.

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by 964Cup

I have similar problems to others; my left (unclipping foot) cleat cover has deformed and falls off; I also lost one of the yellow plug inserts early on. The cleat itself seems fine, but the covers are far less durable than Keep-Ons (or Chinese knock-off Keep-Ons, come to that) and the unprotected cleat is absurdly fragile. I'll be reverting to standard cleats when these wear out, I expect.

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by sungod

i used them on the new shoes for about 6 weeks now, the last three weeks they got daily use as i was on a cycling holiday

covers are still there, despite a fair bit of walking, also including a very steep rough path of volcanic picón, to get to a cafe :)

one cover has stretched a bit, i think the damage was done when i pivoted on it, the other is fine

i'd thought about trying heat to shrink it back, but sounds like that won't work

the screw-in plugs were really useless, at home on smooth surface they fell out easily even if i took great care, didn't bother with them after that, the rare times i had to go over loose/fine path i did it on tip-toe to avoid it getting in the cleats

i really liked the convenience of not worrying about putting covers on, but the aero covers are definitely far less durable

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by steventran

I've had mine for the better part of a year now and I've had no issues. They survived a 15+ day cycling holiday along the Alps with lots breaks, walks, loitering. They also survived a walk home on city streets and sidewalks on the way home from a race. I've never had to think of them.

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by trailgumby

For those with issues losing the cleat covers, try gluing on with Shoo Goo.

I haven't lost a cleat cover for several years, despite walking my bike up and down the notorioius Sydney Harbour Bridge North ramp/stairs most days. I don't (yet) use the Aero cleats, but have found this stuff excellent with the Keep On Koverz. I'm about to wear through my second set of Koverz (lost the first ones on said stairs, that I didn't glue on), and will replace them with ... ones I found on the Harbour Bridge North stairs. :lol:

The Zero cleats have a tiny bit of wear from rubbing on the inside of the cover, but it is finish only and does not affect the function at all. With the Keep On Kovers the cleats themselves will last forever. The covers are still removable but will need to be reglued overnite if you remove. Two blobson either end where the lip on the Kover goes over each end of the cleat will suffice.

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