Help me choose..C60 or Dogma F8?

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by CEVelo

I know this is asking should I pick vanilla or chocolate...both great, different flavors. That said.

40yr+, lifelong cyclist, member of a cycling club, "office worker strong" cyclist.
Prior three bikes: Cervelo R3 (2008 and 2012) and now own a 2014 Cervelo S3/Red22/Enve 3.4SES.

While the Cervelo's are great, I have always been curious about the Colnago and Pinarello bikes.

I am choosing between the Colnago C60 (beautiful/classic ride) and the Dogma F8 (a little more aero/race oriented). Normally I would simply test ride and decide, yet there is hardly any availability to testride the Colnagos and rather difficult to find a F8 for a test. I can fit either bike well (there are so many sizes to pick).

What am I seeking: A do "it all well" bike, fast, easy to climb and great to descend & comfortable over long miles. Planning to build it up with nice components (most likely DA Di2) and great wheels.

Who has tried both? Any advice? How will they differ vs. the S3? Will either be a 'better' choice than e.g getting a new R3 as a second bike? Which is the better pick given what I am seeking? The brandname/bling factor is of no importance to me (would most likely get BoB to hide the logos etc.) and cost is no consideration, now simply looking for the bike that will offer the highest smiles/mile.

Thank you, any and all advice are welcome!
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by tinozee

There was a comparison article of these two bikes in RBA a while ago. It's not the most detailed review though and both got 5 stars of course. I would guess that the comfort edge goes to the C60 and the performance edge to the F8, but just by a small margin. Both are amazing, cream of the crop frames. I want both! Good luck and enjoy.

by Weenie

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by bdb

I have the C60, it replaced a CX-1 and I can tell you it is very comfortable for long rides, I've seen a lot more F8's around Marin/SF than C60's, maybe because abovecategory have a good customer base here and sell quite a few of them.

Last weekend I saw 4 of them. So even if you debadged it, it's very recognizable. And it's grown on me a lot.
Latest build from AC. ... vecategory

I have yet to get a ride on one, but I feel like either bike will fit the bill.

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by ALS

So this thread finally made me register after several years of lurking. I was in exactly this position until last week. I too am in my forties, still a decent rider having been a 1st cat back in the day and enjoy owning and riding a nice bike.

My current bike is a 2012 Cervelo R3 Team and I was looking for a new one. My LBS is excellent and I was able to test a Dogma F8 Di2 and c60 with SR EPS (both were a size or two too big but my position was ok). I rode down to the the store and tested both back to back having just ridden mine and I was able to use my own wheels (neutron ultras) on both.

Before hand I expected that I would prefer the Dogma based on what I had read but I was hoping to love the C60 as the Euro-snob in me wanted the hand made in Italy thing and I prefer the traditional looks. I also expected that I wouldn't feel a huge difference between my R3 and either of the other 2 with the same set of wheels.

I tested both over the same 10km of varying terrain and road surface on roads I know well. Firstly, I felt a significent difference between the two test bikes and my R3. Both were stiffer, more responsive and felt lively, in comparison the R3 feels wooden, stiff but lifeless. Comparing the F8 and the C60 I found the F8 stiffer and more lively than the C60, noticeably so. But I found the C60 to be a great ride but definately more relaxing and easier to handle.

When it came to choosing one I had already decided to choose the one that put the biggest smile on my face and that was the Dogma. In fact when I first set off own the road on the Dogma I just couldn't believe how good it was, it made me laugh out loud. The c60 was also very impressive but didn't quite have the same impact. However, I should add that The Dogma definately gave more 'feedback' - it was definatley designed for speed rather than comfort but I prefer that and in my area the roads are about as good as it gets (Switzerland). Therefore, I couldn't simply recommend the F8 over the c60 as it depends what you are really looking and where you ride.

Frankly, I'd be glad to own either they fantastic bikes and make my R3 look very ordinary. It was tough riding home afterwards to do my intervals! I ordered the f8 should be here in a week or two, I may even take a pic and post it on here.

Hope it helps

PS I was disapointed in di2 and eps - happily sticking to campag mechanical

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by jimaizumi

Thats some pretty good feedback...appreciate it!

I've always been a Pinarello guy.. loved the Dogma FPX and after it went carbon, I just couldn't stomach having to buy the first couple of generations of carbon Dogma's but its started to make me think all over again.. F8, no-nonsense threaded BB is a plus... however losing the Onda forks and seatstays, which had been a key ingredient behind what made Pinarello unique has not sat well with addition, does that bulbous fork really work?

My friend is currently building up his C60... would be interesting to get some feedback from him...hoping I get a quick spin on it as well :P
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by CEVelo

Thank you all,

I am starting to think that while still being young (it's all relative) the Dogma F8 may be the way to go, and then add a classic Colnago (C60 or whatever becomes Ernesto's last model) once I enter my 50th.

"Choosing" both may be the only way to settle this pickle :D

Please keep your impressions and experience with these bikes coming.

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by beanbiken

:D :D Yep, if you are going to be a pig why not be a hog. I like your sense of logic......... why choose when you can have both :D
I have a 65.1 and my eldest son rides a C59. I'm on the wrong side of 50 but expect my next frameset will be the F8, F9 or whatever is still to come. Love my Dogma wavy forks and all :)

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by kgt

Nice comparative review ALS.
I am sure C60 and F8 are much better frames than R3. I am also impressed F8 is stiffer than C60 considering C60's the huge tubes.

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by ALS

Thanks kgt.

Concerning the question about the fork shape its hard to say as I never rode the previous version (cos WW said it was a boat anchor!). I understand the fork shape is for aero dynamics but can't verify that either other than to say it felt quick, nimble and stiff. But fork looks really weird from above...

I do want to stress the C60 was also stiff and is an awesome bike, I just prefered the edgier ride of the Dogma (even if they are not so popular here!)

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by Mockenrue

CEVelo - have you also considered the Colnago V1-r? Evidently a worthy alternative to the C60, and owners seem delighted with them (although I know some here (me included) aren't over the moon with the rear brake placement.)

Anyway, just get both. 8)

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by LionelB

Love my F8. I think it is the best bike I own.

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by fa63

I have no experience with either, but I know two guys who ride the F8 and they are both in love with it. One is a skinny climber type and the other is a tall/heavier rider.

I also think that the F8 is the better looking of the two options, but of course that is subjective.

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by CEVelo

Thank you all.

I am leaning F8 at this juncture. Will decide the coming week. Keep impressions coming.
The challenge is whichever I pick, there is a risk I will lust over the other whenever I see one.
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by Bely

I don't know if this helps at all - I had the think 2 and c59 at the same time. I kept the c59, and now am riding the C60. That said, I do lust after the f8 from time to time...

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by CEVelo


How's the ride of your c60 vs the 60.1?
Why do you lust after the F8, looks & design, or is there anything in the C60 ride leaving you wishing for sth else?

by Weenie

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