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by voodoojar

I'm looking for a new bike backpack to carry my stuff. This bag will be used to carry all sorts of stuff both heavy and light, it needs to be waterproof, durable and needs to be in the 30-40L range. It's going to replace my Pac Designs bag that I've used for years but I think I'd like to switch over to the 2 shoulder strap backpack style bag.

Please give me opinions but no Chrome bags I don't like the seatbelt clips.

Below are two bags I like but want more options too, thanks.

1.61 backpack

T-level Infinity

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by HillRPete

Arcteryx Arrakis. Discontinued, but this one is the real deal. Got the bigger one in 65 or so, but if you find the 40, go for it. Intercontinental travel, multi day glacier outings, and heavier bike messenger duties. No problem at all, pack for life.

by Weenie

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by voodoojar

I love the Ortlieb bags, I have a set of their panniers. I just wish you could buy their messenger bag them without the huge writing on them.

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by LEC135

Had one of these for the last couple of years and it's been perfect. Bang for Buck (£25) you can't beat it:
http://www.ewetsuits.com/acatalog/dryba ... oCV97w_wcB

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by jrmynthn

From my experience, two come to mind. Not a packpack but The Rummy from Mission Workshop is a roll top courier bag and I reviewed it on my blog here. It also comes in a larger size called 'The Shed'. Mission Workshop does also have some roll top backpacks in their line. I will say that everything they make is well made and is cycling minded.

For a backpack, Arc'Teryx has a new bag called 'The Granville'. It's a fold top not a roll top but may suit what you are looking for. Mine is supposed to arrive in the mail today. Super stoked for it.

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by voodoojar

I ordered the Lomo bag, it's not exactly what I'm looking for but the price sure is right. I'll probably end up getting another more fashionable bag as well.

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by maryharrigan


You can find many types of backpacks available on some major online stores. I found some cool backpacks with some great features like Anti-theft such as Intruder alrms, GPS tracking system and more. Some basic features such as charging ports, laptops separate space and much more. You can browse on any major online stores to find these type of useful backpacks. You can buy them once intead of investing for laptop kit, Charging ports pouches, Battery banks holders and more.

Thank you. :) :)

by Weenie

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by morganb

I've been really happy with my Ortlieb Velocity. Probably have 5 years on it and its held up to riding in a very rainy place.

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