2014 Trek Madone Frameset Weight

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by earlfoss

Hi there,

I'm currently on a 54 Trek Madone 5 series and am considering getting Eriksen to build me a ti racing bike to replace it.

His frames generally come in under 3 lbs for a 57 so I assume a 54 would be closer to ~2.6 ish.

I have no clue what the weight of my Madone frameset is and the interweb doesn't seem to have the answer either.

I'm trying to figure out how I'll build the new bike up and knowing what the Trek's weight is would be pretty helpful in estimating how much lighter or heavier the Eriksen would be in the end.

I've even searched the forum and haven't seen anything here. If someone knows or if I'm missing something I'd appreciate some help.

Thanks a ton!

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by boots2000

I own a Kent Eriksen.
It will be about 1 lb heavier with same build.
I would call my Eriksen about a 55cm- it is made with lighter gauge tubing. It is 3.0 lb. even with all hardware.
No way you are going to get a medium-ish size Eriksen that weighs 2.6 lb.
That said, I love my Eriksen more than any carbon bike that I have owned in the last 9 years.
How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
If you are pretty light he can build one like mine.
1" stays, 1.75 light gauge DT, 1.375 light gauge toptube. Standar 11/8 headset and Enve 1.0 fork.
This works great for me- I am 64-65 kg.
Glad to tell you more- can pm me for more info.

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by eric01

For sake of argument, lets put the Madone 5 at same weight as the emonda SL which is roughly 1050 grams, or 2.3 pounds. Potentially a difference of 0.5 to .75 lbs compared to Eriksen.

Don't buy a ti frame if weight is your primary driver. You can find much lighter frames at comparable prices.
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by amey

Get the madone in H1 if it fits you; you get light and aero with that

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by Kayrehn

Here's my madone in size 54, which has the 47gm bearings, 20gm sensor, and 150+gm rear brakes on it...


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by djconnel

Yeah, but that's a 7: he has a 5. I've got to believe the Madone 5 is around 1100 grams. The Ti frame would be in the 1350 range. So the hit would be around 250 grams.

Consider a 200 meter climb in a race and climb at 1400 m/hr (8.6 minutes). If wind resistance is 10% total power, then 1% change in mass improves climb speed by 0.83%, so I get a delta assuming 85 kg total mass of 1.2 seconds on the 200 meter climb.

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by spdntrxi

my wifes 6 frame was ~980g.. with hangers headset bearing..and those liners.. w/o BB bearing. Small frame too 47.

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by djconnel

Wow -- 5 @ 54 may be even more, then.

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by FIJIGabe

he wasn't talking about a bare frame. I figure my 60cm model is around 1300g. I didn't get a chance to weigh it when I put it together, but just subtracting known weights from it, I calculated that out. Of course the number isn't exact.
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by LiteAgilis

Let's phoenix this thread.

My 6-series, 2014 h2 60cm weighs 1257 w the direct mount Dura Ace brake on it. That puts frame in the 1120 window for a big frame w a tall head tube.

Has anyone found a way to lighten the seatmast topper? Mine, w the carbon rail clamp weighs 155 grams.

I am pushing 6.8 kg w dura ace/super record mix (dura ace shifters and derailleurs and Super Record crankset, cassette and chain--I just can't give up the campy cranks. I like them the most...). I use Shamal Ultras for everyday wheelset. Current weight is 6,7xx grams.

Anyone build one of these out in the sub 6.5 w aluminum clinchers or sub 6 kg w carbon tubes?

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