Repairing clear coat on CAAD10 frame?

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by AW84

I have a 2012 model CAAD10 frame in the matte/bbq black color that I've unfortunately, through some rookie mistakes, ended up with a few places along the top tube where the clear coat has been knocked away. Most of it is along the bottom side of the tube, where the bike rack I was using pressed the steel brake cable up against the paint and rubbed going down the road. The other couple of marks are mainly from touching it with a fingernail or a tool by accident. When I bought the bike, it didn't even appear to have a clear coat on it, but I found out right away that it's there, and it's incredibly fragile. You just look at it wrong and a chunk will come off.

None of the spots or scratches on the top tube are down to the paint or the's just flaked-off clear coat. What I'm not sure of is whether this bike is anodized or actual paint? And does anyone know what kind of clear they use on these matte/bbq bikes, because it doesn't appear to be your typical glossy clear? I'm considering having a reputable body shop touch it up this winter, if I can determine what it needs to make it a perfect match.

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by latman

you will struggle to make any touch up perfect , especially at the edges , I suggest you consider doing the whole top tube for the best finish/low cost

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