Colnago C59 tyre clearance?

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by cwoolee

I use 25mm tyre with C59. it is good.

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by outnumbered

outnumbered wrote:
Calnago wrote:
outnumbered wrote:That's very interesting eurperg... I had thought about doing something similar on my C50, which has fork clearance problems with ProRace4 25mm on Eurus wheels. I'll keep an eye out for an appropriately shaped bit of plastic.

Curious @outnumbered: What fork do you have on your C50 that runs into clearance problems with a 25mm tire? I run 25mm Conti 4000s on Neutron rims in my C50 and no clearance issues at all. It's got the most clearance of all my carbon Colnagos. It has the Carbon 75 fork. Or are the ProRace4 25mm tires that much bigger than a Conti 25?

Star fork. The PR4s are very fat in 25mm though. Much more than 2mm bigger than the 23mm version.

FWIW, I've just acquired some Schwalbe One 25mm, and they fit comfortably under the C50 fork. So I think the problem was really down to the ProRace4 25mm being a bit larger than most other tyres.

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by Tam

If this helps, I've used these 25m tyes on my 2014 C59 with no issues -

Veloflex Roubaix on Nemesis.
Conti GP4000s clinchers on Excellight
Michelin Pro Race 4 on Fulcrum Racing Light XLR Clinchers

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by Calnago

The later runs of 2014 C59's have a different fork with more clearance. I can run 25mm Roubaixs on Nemesis rims but it's very minimal clearance. A 25mm Conti 4000S II clincher on an ENVE front 3.4 won't even fit in the dropouts without hitting the fork crown. As Euroerg pointed out, there are ways to accommodate that but I'd rather use tires the fit. I'm ok with 25mm tubulars but a millimeter or two more clearance wouldn't hurt. The new 2015 Bora tubulars with the seam well in the middle seem like they might give me that little bit extra I need. Very happy.
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by myungjinkim

Can be mounted 25c tires?

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by bikeridah

What do you guys think will be more "comfortable" riding, wide tires on narrower rim (22 or less) or narrow tires on wider rim (23+)?

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by btompkins0112

In my experience 28mm tires on a standard rim are more comfortable on gravel/broken roads than 23-25mm tires on a 23mm rim. The wider rim combo is a bit more confident in hard cornering, but not enough to make a huge difference to me.

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by MiddMan

Does anyone know if the C60 has similar tire clearance problems? I am in the midst of dialing in my correct size so it would be great if anyone happens to know.

@Calnago I'm new here but I'd like to message you with some questions about Colnagos and/or post a new thread. I think perhaps I need more posts first in order to send direct messages (?) In any case, thanks a bunch for your honest and detailed posts. Look forward to learning more.

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by canoas

Just want to bring this topic up again.....I spoke to a Colnago representative at the recent Rouleur awards in London. He explained the maximum tyre width for a C59 bike is 24mm. You must not run 25mm tyres, they will rub under the forks. He also said this is a real problem now as the likes of Vittoria no longer make a 24mm Pave for winter. But he urged me to advise others with a C59 to take note. This Colnago frame was only designed for max 24mm.

I reason I asked as 2 years ago I started using 25mm on C59 and I could see bad rub marks under the fork.

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by ColnagoEPQ

MIDDMAN: My C60 uses Campagnolo 2015 Bora 50 rims with Vittoria 25mm clinchers. No clearance issues.

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by canoas

ColnagoEPQ wrote:MIDDMAN: My C60 uses Campagnolo 2015 Bora 50 rims with Vittoria 25mm clinchers. No clearance issues.

C60 is fine for 25mm….C59 is not!

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by Mockenrue

I did the three times up Mont Ventoux thing last year on my C59 with 25mm Corsa SC tubs on Bora 35s with no problems. Clearance is tight but not excessively so. I always put electrical tape under the fork crown and brake bridge to protect the paintwork anyway.

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by fromtrektocolnago

Did not the c-59 adopt the c-60 fork for the last year of production? i would think 2014 c-59 should have more clearance. Have to ask why though. 2 mm is basically the width of a nickel coin and c-59 is known as a very comfortable frame. seems more trouble than its worth. just asking...
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by nga

canoas wrote:
ColnagoEPQ wrote:MIDDMAN: My C60 uses Campagnolo 2015 Bora 50 rims with Vittoria 25mm clinchers. No clearance issues.

C60 is fine for 25mm….

Not necessarily. I have a 2015 Colnago C60 in 48s size. Clearance for 25 mm tire in front is OK but the rear tire is a problem. It surely depends on the tubular tire used. And maybe amount of old glue on the rim...

...But my Vittoria Corsa SC tubulars, 25mm, do not fit properly on the rear wheel. The wheel spins but the clearance between the tire and the point in seatstay where the rear brake is attached to the frame is something like 0.1 mm only!

Also the clearance between rear tire's sidewalls and sides of chainstays should be better. I had a flexible wheel (a Zipp 303 Firecrest tubular) and lost some paint from the chainstay because the wheel flexed during sprints and the sidewall of the tire touched my frame.

Therefore I'm only using 23 mm tires everywhere. This is a shame and Colnago should've done better clearances for a bike that's otherwise supposed to be very modern and high-end. Only 1.5 mm or so would've been enough.

My wife's BMC SLR01 doesn't have any of these issues. She easily could go with maybe a 28mm tire. Nonrelated but had to rant. Sorry.

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by octav

Same with a CX-1; 25 is ok in the front but not in the back. So go with 23 to be sure.
I have tried with GP4000s 25mm. Now I am buying just 23 to be sure. Also didn't really feel a difference between 25 and 23. Maybe its just me, insensible :D

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