S-Works Tarmac SL3 Headset Bearing Cover HELP

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by tk2306

Hi guys,
Firstly i have searched around and not found he answer/help that I am looking for. I've just purchased an SL3 Tarmac that comes with a white top headset bearing cover, I think it looks cheap so want to get something in black or carbon weave. I'm having trouble finding the right one. I have taken the bike to my local shop who said I would likely have to purchase a whole new headset, ideally I would just like to buy the bearing cover and not the whole headset! Hopefully someone on here has experience with this and will be able to help me out!

Here is my frame:


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by Butcher

I have a SW SL3 and it has a black cover. I have not, but will be installing a thinner cover.

http://veloflyte.com/ultra_low_stack_he ... st_shields

If it fits, you can have mine. I will not be installing it until after Summer. PM if your interested.

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by Oswald

I bought a complete headset for my BMC GF01. It was only a few Euro more expensive then just a top cover. And I now have a set of spare bearings.

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by swiftvelo

Pm me. I'm out of the shop today. But should have a bunch laying around. I'll look tomorrow. Might even have a white one if you want it.

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by NiFTY

There is always the option of sanding down or spraypainting the spacer, would take all of 5 minutes and cost you a few dollars for a can of clearcoat or black spraypaint.
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by tinozee

I know the white cover that frame comes with. Those also yellow over time. I have two low profile black Ritchey headsets with maybe 8mm headset covers that look good with Ritchey cockpit. I also have a 3mm plain matte black cover from the slamthatstem site. I have a pretty big collection of those cone shaped caps now ranging from 3-35mm in height. Depending on how much stack height you need to change those can look better than a tall stack of spacers.

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by tk2306

Thanks for the responses guys, I think i have tracked down one that will fit nicely. If not I will take the suggestion and sand and repaint the standard cover. Thanks for the help!

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