Disc-Only Carbon Tubular Rims; Weight Savings?

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by mca56

Just curious whether anyone has an estimate of the potential weight savings due to removing the brake track from a carbon tubular rim. Is 50 grams per rim realistic? I'm trying to get a handle on the minimum weight penalty for a hypothetical hydraulic disc build.

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by bikewithnoname

AX SRT24 Road rim weighs 215gms with a brake track

I think you’re a few months away from seeing road specific disc rims, and as to whether they'd be significantly lighter (losing 50gms on a rim like this would likley be next to impossible) is still moot as they are likley to need to beef up the nipple eyelet area which may counteract the weight savings of the brake track removal.
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by bm0p700f

ENVE have a disc brake rims that is about 40g lighter than the rim brake version but theres is a fair bit heavier. I think the AX rim is too light already and to make it lighter for a disc brake only rim is probably a really bad idea.

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by 964Cup

AX just launched new disc-specific wheels at Eurobike. http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/e ... ica-42280/. 880g the set, tubular.

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