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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by dadoflam08

tharmor wrote:Discs on a set of Lightweights on this Z5 SL from the Parlee booth. Said to be "one of only two sets in existence."


It is actually a Parlee Z0 - it is a project bike coordinated by our LBS - Trak Cycles in South Australia who are distributors for Parlee, Enve and LW - Glen flew over on the weekend with the custom saddle and bartape made by Mick Peel here in Oz to finish off the build for the show. If you look closely at the detail photos you will see that the camo pattern is repeated in the texture of the custom saddle finish (note also the LW logo on the saddle) Glen is a fanatic for detail and loves to do something new. The paintjob cost a pretty penny. The locals have all been hanging out to see the images as everything was pretty hush-hush in preparation for the show and there were no photos beforehand.

The photos are from Trak's facebook page.

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by spdntrxi

that paint job should cost a pretty penny... imagine masking it off..

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by tharmor

@dadoflam08 - I happily stand corrected.

Also, has anyone seen an increase in disc road bikes with thru axles at the show? I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that the thru axles become the standard moving forward.

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by uraqt

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by dogg

finishes like that can also be done thru water transfer printing, often used on firearms & custom auto/moto accessories.

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by hansonator69

KEMO TT bike with 0 fork rake, designed by Francois Kerautret. There will also be a road bike based on the same concept.

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by djconnel

On the camo Parlee Z0 -- the disc requires a heavier frame, heavier fork, and somewhat heavier front wheel. The caliper versions would be lighter.

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by Serge58

ISP road frame, anybody?

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by tharmor

Has anyone been successful finding videos from the show?

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by pantani83

tharmor wrote:Has anyone been successful finding videos from the show? ... 037r6Mnp6l

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by ichobi

I have taken photos from most of the important brands. Let me know what you want to see. Need to skim through all those 2000 photos. However, my most wanted bike is definitely the Storck TIX Cross bike. Impressively light at 8kg! and it looks stunning. Comes with Thru axel as well.


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by phlip

Ichobi, I have noticed your pictures on Ducking Tiger. They are very good, much better than any other bike website I found so far. Please post all the pictures you have. Maybe dump them on flickr?

On a related note, I find it quite strange that the websites I usually read -,, bikerumor, bikeradar - did not report much from Eurobike 2014. Why is that? Are there any better news sites than these?

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by euan

Holy cassette batman
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by ichobi

@phlip thanks. It's my intention to take good photos seeing all these sites always post a crappy small size photos. (tbh I met most of the team from, bikeradar in the press room and they have wonderful camera. Trying to save site bandwidth perhaps?) There is really no other online bike publications than these sites in English, if they aren't reporting, there is nobody else going to do it. I'm afraid I'm based in Bangkok so I don't have privilege and access to press events in Europe and US like these guys. Otherwise, I would be doing this in English!

Part of it why they don't report much may be because all the good things have already been released pre TDF. There are literally very few bikes and components launched at Eurobike. It really is a trade show where dealers and distributors meet the brands to negotiate deals. Press are not treated as well I must admit, people want to sell stuff not describe information (though the guys at Canyon don't mind explaining things to me for an hour). I will find probably dump all these photos in flickr.

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by russianbear

euan wrote:Holy cassette batman

It's a 1x set up, explains the cassette.

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