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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by KWalker

I don't see a thread going so I thought it would be good to centralize all of the tech goodness that will come out of EB2014. Post any links, pics, and info that you may have here and hopefully its a good year for bike tech!
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by NS

If someone could snap me some pics of the 2015 colnago prestige in particular the mechanical ultegra version that would be great!

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by cerro

Any weightweenie meeting? ;) Will be my first trip to Eurobike this year, like a dream
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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

I'm there as well.
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by micky

I hope to manage to be free friday for a visit.

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by NiFTY

The THM booth has some sample claviculas and fibulas for me. Can someone pick them up for me. The staff at the booth will act aloof, but just give them "the nod" and take them and then post them to me. Cheers.
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by mnmasotto

How about some photos?????

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by vlastrada

ok - how about the new Ridley Noah SL...from bdc mag (italy)

sorry (wtf?) pics came so big


950g in M, they ditched the integrated brakes for normal brakes and no longer rear under BB

Also interesting fork


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by 53x12

Some different pictures of the new Noah SL Aero.


Estimated weight of 980g for a size M.

Creating the F-tube design sounds interesting.

Ridley carries over some of the top-end aero tech into the SL, while cutting a bunch of weight and making it more friendly to the pro team race environment, in part by carrying over the chainstays and dropouts from the Helium SL. What comes over for aero benefits are their F-Tubing profiles and the F-SplitFork, while the frame does with standard brake mounting to aid servicing.

The F-Tubing’s main goal is to keep the air flowing directly over the tube’s exterior. Ridley claims that by inmolding grooves into the leading curves of their truncated NACA profiles, micro turbulence is created that allows a boundary layer of air to form and to ’stick’ to the tube, allowing a smooth laminar airflow hugging the profile and off the trailing edge. ... om-ridley/
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by mattiTWOROADS

Just saw the pics from the new Parlee range... damn! who wants to buy a Z5sl?

I don't know if I can support a company now engaging in that amount of ugly!
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by SLCBrandon


I thought nothing was uglier than those top tube stap on storage things people have on their bikes. Well congrats Parlee, you one upped them all by molding that ugly into your whole line.

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by Permon

53x12 wrote:

If there are no stickers, I would not recognize if it is:
Pinarello Dogma F8
Cento SR

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by Bely

I was going to say it looks just like the Pinarello F8 frame - I prefer the Fork on the ridley though...aesthetically speaking ;)
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by dereksmalls

Bely wrote:I was going to say it looks just like the Pinarello F8 frame - I prefer the Fork on the ridley though...aesthetically speaking ;)

Or is everything starting to look like a BMC with the low down seat stays, or whoever they copied that off originally.

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by Permon

BMC does have a straight top tube....absolutally not like the 3 bikes.
F8, Cento SR and Ridley has arched top tube, lowered down tube with "integrated" fork..... these bikes looks very similar to each other....but definatelly not like BMC.

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