Dogma and Brake caliper issues

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by manne

Dear weenies,

Recently bought myself a Dogma 60.1 frame from a dear friend and boardmember.
Got a pair of Record brake calipers of eBay that I tried to install but the mounting bolt
seems to be a bit short.

To be able to tighten the brake I have to remove the washer between the frame and calipers,
is this an known issue or did the previous owner of the brake calipers change the standard bolts for shorter ones?

Another question, anyone know the max tire width that can be used on this frame?


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by BRM

Google with google pictures on: campagnolo sunken nut

You have them in different lengths.
When buying campa brakes new, then in the box are Always short and long ones.
(but you can find them in all kind of lengths)

Some framesets are delivered with special nuts that suits the frame bit better than standard nuts. Dunno how that is with your frame.

Here is a sample of my brakes

-on the brakes are the standard nuts
-in the campa package on the right 2 longer versions
-and on the left you see the ones that came with my Bianchi frameset
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by Frankie13

You should have different length nuts coming with your brakes. No issues with Campagnolo or TRP brakes on a Dogma 2 I build awhile ago.

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by lannes

Can we assume you don't have the front and rear brakes swapped around, back has a shorter bolt ?

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by manne

Thanks for sharing guys.

The seller didn't include any other sizes in the package. I'll check with my lbs tomorrow.

Any info on the max tire width?


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by boots2000

It is a racing bike- not designed for big tires.

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by Stats

I've had a Prince, Dogma 60.1, Dogma 2 and Dogma 65.1 and they all come with a longer brake bolt as part of the frame set usually, but from memory you can buy the longer brake bolt from campag directly too... The one pinarello supply is slightly different to the campag one (pinarello one is hex/Allen key head and the campag one is torx head, from memory)... But I think the pinarello one has a bit larger head on it, but both work fine.

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by AndreLM

My previous Dogma 60.1 had issues with Zipp 404FC and 23 mm tires when climbing out of saddle (chainstay rubbing). No problem with a Campy Shamal and 23mm tires.

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