New FMB Competition CX carbon tubs

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by LouisN

I finally pulled the trigger on an FMB tubular to see for myself how they are.

I ordered the new Competiton CX Carbon (all black :twisted: ) in 25 mm from World Class Cycles.
I received an email saying they're on back order.....:(

On the François Marie Boyaux website they're only offered as 22.5 mm and they specicfy they'll produce only 300 pieces.... :?:

Anybody bought the FMB Carbons and actually received their tubs ?

Louis :)

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by spytech

My friend ordered 3 pairs of 22mm and 3 tires in 25mm, the 25mm came with a flatspot on them, so we returned those (world class cycles). they are all comps silk. they roll nice, but he only has 50 miles in one ride with them, i will see if get him to post. some idiot at a local bike shop was lazy and used tape on a set of fernwegs, i glued the other set to his gipfelsturm.

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by LouisN

OK. I exchanged emails with François Marie.
They're holding production at FMB because they're not satisfied with the black "cloth" they ordered from their manufacturer. He says hopefully the next batch will be up to their standards and production should start around september...hopefully :) .

Louis :)

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by tinozee

Never mind I didn't realize the carbon is a new black version. I have the older white ones. Great tires!

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by 1415chris

Can anybody share actual width of fmb copm cx 25 and 22.5?
Are the carbon's compound and thread the same as comp cx's and the only difference is a black sidewall?
I haven't seen any tpi figures for fmb and adugast, trying to compare them to veloflex.
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by MJB

1415chris wrote:Can anybody share actual width of fmb copm cx 25 and 22.5?

I have ordered a few pairs of different model and width FMB's from two sources.

Thus far a rule has been that the actual fitted and inflated widths are wider than the specified widths.

Using my own calipers and measuring in 3 different places around the tyre I have noted the following :-

I have an Australian supplier who offered me 24mm width in cotton CX Comp which was a special custom order he made for his team so I piggybacked and purchased a pair. These are 24.5 mm wide when inflated to riding pressure.

I have also purchased a trio of 25mm FMB Paris Roubaix cotton from the same Australian supplier later on and these turned out to be 25.3mm wide.

I also have a pair of 25mm CX comp silks from World Class Cycles which also turned out to be 25.3mm wide.

All my FMB's are gum wall construction - can't help out with the new carbon black wall model.

You can take all this for what it's worth (which is only one small sample), however, when I'm re-ordering FMB's I will consider them to be slightly wider than face value.

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