Cheapest road hydraulic setup?

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by eigner

With the introduction of Rival 22 hy and 105 hy to add to the other groups, what is now the cheapest way to get hydraulic stopping power on your road bike? I have wheels and a frameset as well as varios 10spd cassette, cranks, chains etc. So I assume 10spd would be cheapest? or is the new hydraulic groups only 11spd?

What single items would you take to make the cheapest setup?

I want to use it on my commuter/winter training bike. So I want it cheap. When parts wear out, and if I like the setup, ill upgrade the parts to lighter versions ;)

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by maxxevv

The New shifters are all 11s.

You can use 10s shifters with TRP Hy/rD calipers. They are hybrid hydros, but you'll retain full 10 speed compatibility without need for new hubs/wheels, chains and cassettes.
But they are not that cheap as a front and rear pair. They come close but are not quite the same feel/modulation as good quality full-hydraulic discs.

So you'll need to do some sums to see which is more economical.

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by etownfwd

Ummm, I'm pretty sure that SRAM makes a 10sp hydro option. It's the S700 line.

10s Shifters

Disc Brake Calipers

Rim Brake Calipers

As for the economics of it all, that might be the issue since it looks like one shifter/brake combo is about $500US. Also, it's not impossible to run 11sp SRAM shifters on a 10sp Shim/SRAM bike if you have trouble finding stock. Just my two cents and I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me will come along with more helpful info.


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by shoopdawoop

Anyone know of a store that has road 11 hydro disc available? I can only seem to find the di2 setup.

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by maxxevv

Where did you find the full shifter / disc S700 set for US$500 ?? Quick, tell ! ? Someone I know is looking for it !

A quick search of the usual places seem to indicate that its closer to US$700/- for the set. Sub US$500 seems to be only for either the front OR rear set though .. ?

The Shimano R685 set is available for PRE-order from our forum sponsors, ... rivetrain/

Not cheap either. Delivery should be something in September or a little later.

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by etownfwd

It's not the full shifter set and pair of calipers. That's the rough price for just an individual shifter and a single caliper. Just a simple google search landed me there.

Hope that helps!


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by dogg

i don't know about the cheapest but i would go with shimano rs685. i personally wouldn't bother with sram, but thats just me.

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by kulivontot

I thought Shimano road hydraulic was di2 only?

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by youngs_modulus

Nope. If you google "Shimano RS685" you'll find their hydro/mechanical option.

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by bm0p700f

I'm still waiting for the RS685 had them on order since february. The R785 though are excellent.

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by amey

I am selling Hope V twin for £100 if you are keen

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