2013 Trek Domane 4.0 Stock Weight(s)

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by Starlite

Hello everyone

Just thought I would post this up for all the other weenies on a budget who are looking at a Domane 4 Series. When I went out shopping for mine I couldn’t find very much data on its weight so the obvious thing to do was disassemble mine and weight whatever I could everything. Wasn’t sure if this should go in the gallery or in the Road forum so I decided to put it here since this is how it came from the factory and isn’t how I ever rode it. I figure this is within a reasonable range of what another person would get if they bought one off the shop floor.

Most of these parts were weighed for a blog I wish to start at some point but I figured I would share this here for all the other guys like me who can’t afford a real Weight Weenie bike. I will add though that in its current form it is down to a svelte 7.955kg, but I will save that for the gallery another day…

So what did I find? Let’s have a look…

2013 Trek Domane 4.0 56cm (all weights in grams)

Frame / Trek 400 Series OCLV (with BB, lugs, hanger, chainkeeper etc) / 1397.1g
Fork / Trek IsoSpeed Carbon / 446.6g
Front Wheel / Bontrager Approved Wheel / 931.8g
Rear Wheel / Bontrager Approved Wheel / 1190.6g
Front Tire / Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite / 338.7g
Rear Tire / Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite / 341.3g
Front Tube / Kenda / 103.2g
Rear Tube / Kenda / 102.8g
Front Skewer / Bontrager Race / 66.9g
Rear Skewer / Bontrager Race / 72.3g
Shifters / Shimano Tiagra ST-4600 / 520.0g**
Front Derailleur / Shimano Tiagra FD-4600-B / 86.1g
Rear Derailleur / Shimano Tiagra RD-4600-SS / 259.0g
Crankset / Shimano Tiagra FC-4650 / 820.9
Cassette / Shimano Tiagra CS-4600 / 315.6g
Lockring / Shimano Tiagra OEM Steel / 13.6g
Cables / Shimano Tiagra Brake and Gear Cables / 213.0g††
Chain / KMC X10.93, 107 Links / 254.8g
Saddle / Bontrager Affinity 1 / 302.3g
Seatpost / Bontrager Race Lite / 317.3g
Seatpost Collar / Bontrager / 19.6g
Handlebar / Bontrager Race Blade VR-C / 310.0g**
Bar Tape / Bontrager Gel Cork tape / 80.0g††
Stem / Bontrager Race Lite / 152.6g
Top Cap / Bontrager / 17.4g
Headset Spacer / Bontrager / 20.2g
Conical Spacer / FSA Alloy / 14.9g
Star Nut / FSA / 9.3g
Upper Headset / FSA IS 42/28.6 / 21.9g
Lower Headset / FSA IS 52/40 / 25.0g
Cage Bolts / Trek Steel / 14.4g
Front Brake / Bontrager Alloy Dual Pivot / 153.3g
Rear Brake / Bontrager Alloy Dual Pivot / 148.4g
Grease, etc / 33.7g
Total / 9114.6g

A couple important notes I should add, all the parts followed by ** are the claimed weights by the manufacturer, those parts weren’t actually removed from my bike yet so I have not weighed them. The parts followed by †† weren't wieghed either and are just guesses based on nothing more than my own gut feeling, they could be off but it would not change the weight of the bike since I got that by using a scale as well. The weight for the grease is just the total weight minus the weight of all the other parts. Maybe once I get all the other parts weighed I will update the post if there is any ongoing interest.

Just in case someone wants to see a picture, the best option is to go to the Trek Website and look at it there, my Bike does not look like the one described above. I had already had a number of the parts replaced before I picked the bike up. I did keep the stock parts though and I weighed them for this post.

Anyway, let me know if you have a questions or comments, hopefully someone somewhere finds this of use to themselves.

Good Day

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by rmerka

Starlite wrote:Total / 114.6g

Impressive total weight! but my gut impression tells me your math is off... Sorry couldn't resist ;)

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by Starlite

Seems I lost a digit in there somewhere.

Thanks for pointing that out, it's been fixed now.

Not sure any 114g bike could support me...


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