Unable to Get Campagnolo Spare Part

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by NiFTY

So let me clarify Valbrona:

Can't find a component by using the internet and whinge about this on the internet you are unable to use to perform search. Somebody finds said item for you, and you whine about your voluntary use of an antiquated method of payment which would delay your receipt of said product, delaying your receipt of said product.

You claim to be familiar with german companies and that they don't shut down over summer, and yet fail to search for any germany stockists? This was the 2nd result on google.de
http://www.smi-radsport.de/oxid.php/sid ... m/BR-SR030

I thought this was "weight" weenies not "I can't use interwebs, don't understand the concept of manufacturing and distribution, whinge and need my mum and think a parlee is a steel frame" weenies.
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by bm0p700f

JD Whiskers is a wholesaler and campagnolo importer that I tend to use for a variety of Campagnolo spares. They hold a good stock for Campagnolo spares that Chicken cycle kit and I-ride don't bother with. What you are after is a spare but not one commonly sold and that's why you have having trouble finding it. Why hold something in stock that has very limited appeal, it has nothing to with a shutdown for a few weeks in Italy. There are U.K firms that shutdown in August, its not dark ages at all it makes some sense as the factory can better manage its production staff take less leave elsewhere in the year. You want 24/7 service and then you use a check sent by post that is the dark ages or at least pre internet.

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by sawyer

Cheque arriving with the morning pidgeon ...

FFS - run two bikes, keep a stock of spares, and accept there will sometimes
be downtime for one of the bikes due to maintenance issues ...
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by graeme_f_k

And we are still waiting for an email ... <sigh>
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by bontie

Graeme, I sent an email yesterday though?

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by kbbpll

All this and no one seems to have noticed that Valbrona only needs a brake nut. Do all your wrenching near an open drain, Valbrona? :lol: :thumbup: :beerchug:

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by russianbear

A cheque. LOL!

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