castelli vs etxeondo?

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by ninjanoir78

hi, I want a new bibs, high quality, I dont know the castelli free aero race and the exteondo feather, which one is the best according to you??

and I wear large in sugoi, garneau, santini.. do you think the sizing is about the same?


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by bombertodd

I've never tried etxeondo but I have 5 pairs of various Castelli bibs and love them all including the free aeros. As for sizing, check out their sizing chart: ... =680748832

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by pmclamb

No experience with exteondo, but I also have multiple Castelli garments, and they are all fantastic. Two Free Aero Race bibs, one Sanremo 3.0 speedsuit, and two jerseys (free aero 5.0 and climber's jersey).
My favorite is the Sanremo, just because I like the simplicity and seamless design of having the jersey and shorts attached.
In most non-european cycling clothing I would wear a medium, but I am the most comfortable in a large in Castelli. Have mediums in the Free Aero bibs, they are useable, just a little tightish on my testiculars.

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by Mr.Gib

Castelli sizing - if you are a large in Sugoi the probably XL in Castelli.

A word of caution about the Castelli Free Aero Race - the chamois is more forward and up the front than other manufacturers and indeed other Castelli models (the Castelli Endurance model comes to mind). It feels a bit as if the "meat" of the pad is forward of my sit bones. I have an average build and Castelli Free Aero Race is the only bibshort with which I have experienced this misplaced pad.

This also means that your junk is wrapped up in a fair bit more thick chamois material than is typical. Sometimes I end up with the material bridging across from my upper thigh to my business and leaving a gap instead of hugging the contours of my groin area. The net result is I have had to send more that a few rescue missions to my taint to recover my scrotum and its contents.

Haven't used Exteondo but my wife swears by the women's models.
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by russianbear

What, no assos in the mix for bibs?

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by LasseJohansen

I used to ride, Castelli but got tired of the winter pants - the ankelzip would constantly open it self. The straps were also bad on my bibshorts, they would curl up and cut in to my shoulder. Especially when riding on my tri-bike.

Cannot say enough good things about Etxeondo!

Super quality, light compression, really good bibs and excellent seatpad. It is like they just 'disapear' when riding.

Etxeondo also makes a great windwest, which has a windproof front and a mesh back with 3 pockets. Really useful here in my windy part of Denmark.

Sizing is pretty much the same between Etxeondo and Castelli (medium fits med in both)

Hopes this helps.

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by kgt

I used to wear some etxeondo clothes. Nothing special but their shorts were at least as good as Castelli.

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by mdeth1313

Having ridden both, I'd say higher end castelli is a better value than higher end etxeondo. That's with all other things equal.
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by ninjanoir78

ok great , thanks everybody. finaly i've had a deal on assos T fi 13 S5.. so i go with that..

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by kgt

Even better.

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by bontie

In my experience the quality is similar, but more likely than not the Etxeondo will outlast Castelli

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by Bondurant

I have three pairs of Free Aero and three pairs of Orhi. The latter suit me better and appear to be more robustly put together. Excellent bibs. If I were to buy another pair of shorts tomorrow, it would be the Orhi. I am medium in Orhi and large in Free Aero.

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by fifarafa

Hi all,

I'd like to buy new bibs and I wonder about Castelli bodypaint (another bibs:)) and Etxeondo Feather. Maybe rapha proteam.
What do you think WHICH?:)

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by kman

I tried some Castelli Y2K Progetto bib knicks a few years ago. Cost me a fortune and were pretty crap knicks to be honest. Cut was acceptable but small, chamois was not very comfortable. They got worn twice, sat in my drawer for a couple of years and I sold them for peanuts on fleabay. Safe to say, I will never bother with Castelli again. My current fav knicks are made by Campagnolo.
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