Pinarello F8 or Scott Addict SL

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by Stats

I had a Dogma 65.1 and loved it, simply the best frame I've ever ridden. I did the whole campag thing on it, but sold it because I didn't like campag (coming off shimano) and it made more sense at the time to sell the complete bike.

But I'd go for another Pinarello easily over Scott, regardless of weight. My dogma with good quality, but normal components was 6.78kg inc pedals and bottle cage.

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by djconnel

6.78? Boat anchor. You can do that with steel. See preceding post.

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by villahidalgo

I had a first gen 2007 addict that got stolen earlier this year. I bought a 2014 Team Issue Addict as a replacement, mostly because it felt familiar and it worked for me. I tried Madones, Tarmacs, etc. I wasn't too excited with the all the green coloring it has, but now it kinda grew on me.

Man, first ride on that thing, I was flying! It climbed much better than my old addict, keeps speed better on the flats, felt more comfortable (I kept checking if I had a flat tire), and being a bad descender I was getting Strava PRs everywhere without even trying. Not sure how much it was because of the bike or having all new bearings and components, but still.

I frequently get compliments on how sexy the bike looks, and if I run into other cyclists at a rest stop, at least one of them will come over and lift my bike to check out the just draws people to do that. There aren't that many addicts around here, mostly madones and tarmacs everywhere.

Pinarellos are definitely nice too, just sharing my experience with the new addict.

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