Time for a New Bike?

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by milehighcyclist

bikewithnoname wrote:You always need a new bike!


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by RyanH

@Serge58 Although they may share the same name, I don't think the 2007 model that I have is similar to the earlier models. My model was the one raced in 07 by DFL-cyclingnews. I'd consider a 11.5cm headtube on a 54 on the short side.

@Mrfish the Z5 is on the top of my list if I do go carbon.

I rode the Tarmac SL today up GMR, which was cool of Specialized that we could ride wherever. It was different. It was definitely stiff, and descended well. There were some ride quality differences that weren't fair to compare since I rode over on veloflex tubs. But, I didn't walk away from the demo going to myself: I need to have that.

The weird thing was that I didn't notice a difference in handling until I got back on my bike. Something about the Tarmac feels more lightfooted. Although, that same lightfootedness nearly caused me to eat it when I was riding no hands and the wheel decided to go immediately right.

I'll have time to mull it over tomorrow while riding in the Santa Monicas and then maybe go to the demo again on Sunday.
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