2014 Reynolds Assault Tubular vs 2014 Zipp 404

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by lord_brush

As these can be had at aabout he same price, what would be recommended for road racing.

Which is better in terms of:


Im assuming the Zipps will come with the new V9 hub that doesnt fail.
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by highpowernut

I could only comment on the 404s as I have used and enjoyed them. Mine were clinchers though. Never had any problems.
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by tinozee

Same price? I think you can even get the assaults with a power tap for like $800 less than the latest firecrests.

Wow I did just see some brand 2014 sets for ~ 1700 on ebay. I'd get the zipps! I use the 404 tubs as my primary wheels and also use the Ritchey branded Assault clinchers. I really like both wheels, but the Zipps are the winner for me. For some reason it's the feel of the front wheel that I rprefer on the zipps, it feels more solid out of the saddle and over rough spots. It may hold speed a little better as well when you get up over 40kph or so on flats with a sustained hard effort. You can get rolling like a unstoppable tron bike.

I'm sure the Assault Tubs are nice and feel even better than the clinchers, so my info may not help much. I just think you can't go wrong with the zipps, and they give great support - I popped a QR and also needed a end cap for my hub and they mailed it out free after a brief text chat. Other than that the hubs have been solid (2013 and 14 models), you just have to preload them properly and care for your bearings. Put some veloflex, vittoria or fmb tires on either of those wheel sets and you will love the ride.

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by Imaking20

Yesterday I was riding and chatting with a guy about the 404 vs. 58 Aero. This guy is the current Masters 30-35 National Road Race Champ - he's a pretty big guy and makes enormous amounts of power. He's spent the last two years on 404FC tubular and clinchers and just started riding the 58s due to team commitments. He said he likes the Reynolds and they feel pretty sturdy... though he wasn't riding them because he broke a spoke on a training ride Saturday. He seems to favor the 404 quite a bit due to handling characteristics. He said the sharper angle of the rim didn't handle wing quite as well as the Zipp.

I don't believe the Assault has the same rim profile so this anecdote might mean all of zilch to you.

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by lord_brush


Ended up buying a barely used set of 2014 DA C50 9000 tubulars instead for £750.

The Zipps were sorely tempting, but more than happy with the C50s for half the price...
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by teokim

Thanks. This is good for me

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by Mega29

Same Price? It's not possible..
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by stono38

if price doesn't matter, unconditionally Zipp!

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by lbs0927

2014 Zipp 404 is more better

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by KarlC

I just got a like new set of 2014 Zipp 404 Tubulars, for a steal of a price. So far they feel great and seem to hold speed really well, a perfect match for my BMC TMR01 .

They have good set of Coni GP4000 22mm on them, I cant say I like the 22mm size tho, its a bit narrow and very low profile.

What 24mm or 25mm Tubular tires are you guys using on your Zipp 404s ?

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by nelsonivan

I have used Schwalbe One Tubs and right now Im using Veloflex. I can say that Veloflex is just a better tire. At the moment Im using Arenbergs in the back and Carbons on front. Awesome tires.
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by oks315

Zipp 404 better than Reynolds. Because design is good.

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by arizonahalfnhalf

Going to slip in a vote for Reynolds. They stop much better (in my opinion) than Zipps, and they are superior rims in terms of strength and longevity.

Not sure about aerodynamic data though, i f that is the true priority I'm sure Zipp has put more R&D into that.

Reynolds hubs are also fantastic and don't shear in half like Zipps do.

Really it just depends on what type of riding you do. I do a lot of climbing and could care less about aerodynamics. I've put a lot of miles on zipp firecrests as well as reynolds. The reynolds have always held up better and hold up to heat under braking so much better than the Zipps.

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