New carbon frame - considering TMR or Venge

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by perfectpink

Most modern frames are outstanding. I have just ordered my second Supersix Evo Hi Mod after a crash. Have a look at ... oad-Racing as they have some heavily reduced serious full bikes in your price range.

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by Matey

Soley based on the warranty service I've received from Specialized I'd have to say the Venge (ok, and the looks!).

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by jsinclair

Philbar72 wrote:I own a [insert bike model] - its a fantastic bike with some caveats.
it is extraordinarily fast. it handles and brakes really well. it looks fantastic. in my view ( and feedback from clubmates say as well) , its faster than an equivalent [insert bike model] (though that may have something to do with the engine on top), its far more compliant than a [insert bike model], and looks better than the out going [insert bike model] (subjective view). i've back to backed it with a clubmates [insert bike model], and it rides better (but i'm biased!), though doesn't climb quite as well.

Negatives: adjusting anything is a pain and requires you to carry extra's like spacers for the brakes ( if you run zipps or carbon based wheels) for when the pads get worn as the brakes don't adjust like conventional rim brakes ( they are mini vees). the salddle adjustment needs a 13mm spanner. adjustin the seat vertically needs 3 pairs of hands!

I haven't tried it against many other aero road bikes.

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by Oswald

A bit of topic maybe, but do you guys know how to spot a fake Venge?
I've come upon an offer at an attractive price and I'm thinking it might be fake. I wasn't really looking for a new bike, but getting a new bike is always tempting :mrgreen:

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