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by madcow

We're currently working on another review, this time for spokes. In doing this I find myself this morning with a massive pile of spokes and a pretty accurate scale so I thought I'd go ahead and post weights for most spokes.

Weights are based on 278mm length using 10 spokes to find the average. Listed from lightest to heaviest and separated into similar weight groups.

Pillar Xtra Lite Titanium, 2.78 grams. (13g butting, bladed)
Pillar 1422 Titanium, 3.38 grams. (14g butting, bladed)

Sapim SuperSpoke, 4.03 grams. (15g butting, round)
Sapim CxSuper, 4.06 grams. (15g butting, bladed)
Pillar Megalite, 4.12 grams. (14g butting bladed)

DT Aerolite, 4.58 grams (14g bladed)
Sapim Laser, 4.61 grams (14/18g round)
DT Revolution, 4.61 grams (14/18g round)
Sapim CxRay, 4.62 grams (14g bladed)

DT Aerocomp, 5.81 grams (14g bladed)

Sapim Race, 6.20 grams, (14/15g round)
DT Comp, 6.20 grams, (14/15g round)

Pillar P14, 7.04 gram (14 straight gauge round)
Sapim Leader, 7.05 gram (14 straight gauge round)
DT Champion, 7.05 gram (14 straight gauge round)

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Very nice. What will the review cover? I would think there isn't a whole lot to the performance of a spoke, other than that it holds the wheel together and doesn't break.
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by bombertodd

Looking forward to the review. It would be interesting to see how much each stretches for a given weight. Also it would be great to measure the spokes strength compared to claimed manufacture strength claims.

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by F45

Awesome, thanks!

I predict you will find my fav, the Laser, to be the best value.

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by Oswald

For me, the DT Revolution is best value. You can buy it at some online shops for 0,65 EUR. It's roughly the same weight as a CX Ray that is priced at 2,40 EUR. And the difference in aerodynamics isn't even worth mentioning.

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by Mackers sells the Revolution for 0.53 a piece, 9.90 per 20.

For me the best value would be the DT Swiss Competition, though, lovely spokes :)

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