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by SLCBrandon

So I'm putting together an old Pinarello Prince SL and thought I'd try Campy with this project. I'm dipping a toe is all at this point so I went with 2013 Chorus 11. I bought some Super Record cups that say "Super Record only". Will these not work with my Ultra Torque Chorus crank?

In a quick search, it seemed Competitive Cyclist says all Ultra Torque cups are cross compatible. Thanks in advance for the help. Want to know if I need to order new cups ASAP, for a weekend build up.

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by sugarkane

They'll work fine. The only difference is they don't have the seal inside to stop stuff heading from the bb area into the bearings. Given the bearings are sealed anyway it'll make almost no difference

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The steel bearings on my UT cranks only have seals on the exterior side. The interior side has a plastic bearing carrier that is not sealed which is why the equivalent BB cups have seals fitted.

So you can use the SR cups but won't have the benefit of the seals to contain any moisture that may accumulate in the BB area. Depends a lot on your riding conditions I guess and how water tight your frame is.

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by SLCBrandon

Thank you, guys. Much appreciated.

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by latman

i wondered that too , my BB shell has a solid alloy threaded insert so nothing can get in there .

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