Cannondale Supersix EVO Dura Ace - advice needed

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by wingguy

Supersonic inner tubes. Selle Italia SLR Carbonio / Ritchey Streem carbon or similar. Powercords / I-links or similar cable sets. Job done?

Bar stem and seatpost would be nice to replace for something better looking as well as saving a bit more weight, and you could easily drop 200g on a similar priced wheelset (or cheaper if you weren't bothered about aero), though the Syncros wheels do reportedly have very good lateral stiffness and acceleration.

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by MikeC

Thanks for all of the comments

I am keen to keep the wheels on, they are extremely good and I paid nowhere near the rrp.

I have done a bit of searching and the other bits appear to be:

Stem: 128g
Bars: 244g
Seatpost: 212g
Saddle: 185g (assuming it’s this one - ... ions-2013/)
Cantis – 297g for the pair
Cassette - 215g
Chain - 253g

The cantis are really good so I would be slightly hesitant to replace those but everything else is up for grabs.

None of it seems particularly heavy to me (although the chain seems like a lump) but are there particular bits that people can recommend from real world riding that would help me shed some weight?

I am really interested to know how much people think I would lose by replacing the cables and I would be keen to swap the bars out for some aero ones…

Finally, I would like to replace the outer chainring because it's actually a SRAM 10 speed. Can anyone recommend a nice light 53 tooth 11 speed outer ring for me please?

Thanks everyone!

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by mrlobber

Is the frame really hi-mod? I have the Hi Mod Evo with 3T cockpit, Ritchey post, Hollowgram SISL2 P2Max Type S w Praxis rings, DI2 7970, which weighs around 6.2 with 404 Zipp tubulars (the Zipps themselves are weighed at 1360g vs Syncros claimed 1470g, so only 100g saving on the paper...) Hard to believe you've gathered additional 900g from other components here unless it's actually a non hi-mod frame which adds quite a bit of weight (all is relative, of course :D)

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by MikeC

It bl00min better be!! It's this one - ... escription

Maybe my scales are rubbish...or maybe that chainset is adding a ton of weight.

I suppose you save with tubs and no tubes and the Hollowgram chainset, but that is quite a difference.

Very interested in those Praxis rings though

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by Stoo

Hi Mike :) :beerchug:
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by RimClencher

Invisible valve caps.
Carbon bottle cage - cheap Chinese ones can be about 16 g for $15 each.
Aluminium screws for bottle cages. Ti screws and bolts elsewhere.
Supersonic Race 28 (55 g) or Panasonic R'Air (66 g) inner tubes. Check the weight of your current ones first (could be anywhere up to 110 g).
Bar tape - Bike Ribbon Eolo Techno is apparently very light (33 g).

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by MikeC

Mornin Stoo.

Honestly, I can't go anywhere without bumping into someone I know :roll:

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by ProEvoSLTeamHighMod

That stem is fairly light - ignore suggestions to drop it unless you just want a different look - I went C1 stem to ARX LTD and saved 4g, easily explained by the Ti bolts alone...
However, tons of weight to be saved in saddle, some in bars, and some in post, all worth the money..
Trade wheels for something lighter and tubular, trade quarq for something lighter as well, eg SiSl2 w/ power2max/quarq spider..

I have a sub 6k evo with sram red, 404tubs, 3T LTD... should be easy for you to get sub 7k - start with saddle, post and handlebar..

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by djconnel

Al screws for cages and stem, light cables and housing, recon cassette just for races.

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by 5 8 5

No, don't use Al screws for the stem. Ti or steel. Al is just asking for trouble, not worth the risk.

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by PuroScattista

5 8 5 wrote:No, don't use Al screws for the stem. Ti or steel. Al is just asking for trouble, not worth the risk.

did you measure your screws/bolts before ordering Ti or already have the measurements? I have my HiMod en route and want to pre order all Ti bolts/screws in advance but have no idea what size/style I must order. Thanks in advance :beerchug:

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by MikeC

Some simple changes drop it to 6.92kg. That'll do for now :beerchug:



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