Forks for direct mount Brakes?

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by morrisond

Is anyone making one yet? Is anyone planning on it? Enve?

This for the shimano direct Mount standard road brakes - thanks.

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by rayms

Good question. How about a steel fork crown for a direct mount brake?

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by campbellrae

I emailed a few suppliers and looked everywhere I could think of about 2 months ago and nobody was making one that I could find. Enve said they had nothing planned, although that may change as/if the direct mount standard becomes more popular.

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by dvdslw

I believe Niner, Enve, 3T, and Easton make them? You're talking direct mount disc, correct? If so, any disc fork will work but you may need a caliper spacer depending on your rotor size.

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by wingguy

No, direct mount is the new two bolt rim caliper standard.

The new disc caliper standard you refer to is called flat mount.

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