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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by pgrice

I have mostly done triathlons but now I am getting more into road. I have a older Lightspeed that i have been riding but i am now looking a new road bike. I am looking for something carbon and am getting a bit bogged down in stiffness, compliance, comfort, etc. I have put a lot of time on my 2010 Cervelo P2 carbon tri bike. So for those of you who have ridden current carbon road bikes maybe you can help.

I am leaning toward a more aero road frame in the hopes of using it for the road and tris but i keep seeing that aero road bikes are relatively (relative to standard road bikes) uncomfortable, not as stiff under higher watts, etc. Would anyone be able to elaborate on how new aero road bikes might compare to a 5 year old tri bike? Has there been much of a leap forward in the technology of carbon frame building? If i can comfortably ride my older P2 for hours should i really be too concerned about being beaten up by an aero road bike? Am i loosing much in terms of lateral stiffness relative to a standard road frame? Maybe you guys with more road bike experience could educate me a bit


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by HillRPete

Don't overthink it. Make a list of bikes you like the looks of, and can afford. Test ride them. Get that one that you like the most.

Oh and :welcome: to the forum.

by Weenie

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by bm0p700f

Tyre choice, tyre width and tyre pressure control the ride the frame has a secondary influence so yes don't over think it. Honestly out of my high end steel, aluminium, a and part carbon part alloy road frames all from the early nineties I really cannot tell the difference in ride comfort well the aluminium pinarello is the best but then again it riding on wide pave tubs so it will be comfy. Most people who complain the ride of there bike is too harsh are running 23mm types at 1110 or 120 psi.

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by jackie

best advise is to look at the bikes that you are short listing..
check to see if u can demo or test them out.
aero bike have pro n cons.
my C1R and Ridley Noah are both aero bike.. while C1R is comfortable... the Noah is actually quite stiff and going for long ride, i do suffer a little. however Noah is generally quicker on the flats as compare to my others bikes.
in a nut shell. for flats.. given wheelset and equipment are all the same,aero bike will generally be faster.... but subjected to cross wind..

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by Juanmoretime

There is no such thing as a best brand. There is a geometry that will work best for you. If you're a multisport guy I doubt you can create enough watts that stiffer will have any real world benefit except maybe too stiff and trash you every time you ride the bike. Find the geometry numbers that agree with your body and then find the frames that come closest to those numbers. Test ride those.

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by Weenie

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by mpulsiv

Interesting aero data that may help you think twice.

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