Enve Classic 65 brake pads

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by eckhous

Hi guys,

I got 2nd hand Enve in a very good price, the previous owner gave me Enve brake pads and some other bits.
The pads are nearly done, and I was looking to replace the brake pads with one from SwissStop, if yellow or black prince.

Does any one uses the Enve 65 wheels with SwissStop pads?
I know that before Enve supplied their pads, they used to ship the wheels with the yellow king as standard pads.

The funny bit, I can get great deals on SwissStop, but Enve pads are around 40% more expensive, and in a way it seems that SwissStop makes them any way.

So what type of pads you guys using with Enve?


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by ergott

Get the Enve pads. I've used others and the Enve are the best. This is with both Smart rims and the older Edge rims I currently have/use.

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by mattyNor

Get black as the yellow ones leave tails on the surface. But as @ergott said the Enve pads work best.

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by jmartpr

You should always use the ENVE pads...they are pretty good. Never, ever use the yellow swisstop...they tend to create a lot of heat. Blacks are much better but just to be on the safe side stick with the ENVE pads. BTW....warranty (for original owner) is voided is you use any other pads than the ENVE

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by boysa

I just put on some of the Enve pads since the Zipp Tangente I had were worn pretty much down to nothing. I have to say, I loved the cork but the Enve are quite good. Great stopping power and nice modulation. IMHO, the yellow SwissStop are very poor, both in performance and concerning the horrible marks they left on my rims.
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by eckhous

Thanks guys for the info.

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by jackie

use the stock enve pads. they are better then the swiss stop.
i did however use the zipp pad on my enve before as i forget to switch them out.. they work as well but the enve pad would be better

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