New Fulcrum Racing Zero - Freehub material

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by excremanwu


What is the material of the freehub? or is there any special coating?
I failed to find it in the web site :noidea:

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by petal666

It's 'Plasma Treated', whatever that means.

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by davidalone

The mechanical engineer in me says 'plasma treated' is probably just a fancy name for plasma spraying, which you can learn more about here:

I'm not an expert on materials but given the needs of that particular application ( hardness to prevent notching, not much shear or shock impact forces) I'd strongly suspect that was a ceramic of some kind. aternatively it could be some sort of metal oxide. Highly doubt it's a metal alloy, there are better ways to go about that.

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by excremanwu

Thank you for the replies!

Besides, the flanges look like plastic :roll: (of course it is not)

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by Stolichnaya

Carbon looks like plastic too, but works.
Campy / Fulcrum have been using that same basic hub shell design for a while now and I doubt the material has changed much other than color. The hubs work work well and build a surprisingly nible wheelset. The gray looks pretty good.

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