Broken right SRAM Force shifter - IS IT REPAREABLE?

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by supreeme

Perhaps. But say a used pair ot 2013 for 250 and new for a stretch over 300. Problem is import taxes and shipping etc from the US usually makes them quite expensive anyway. I really like the ergonomics of SRAM, had the full 2013 RED on my previous bike. Would really want at least the shifters on my next bike I'm building :)

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by rijndael

Where can you get a set of the ergodynamic Red shifters, NEW, for a bit over 300?

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by Fiery

OP, 2013 Force is old Red with Force graphics, and it's even possible to find just the right lever on Ebay. This would be the preferable option for me.

Dimitri wrote:100% repairable.

How about some details to actually make your comment helpful?

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by Charlie1025

Personally I would head over to your LBS and see if SRAM will warranty it. SRAM warranty service has always been superb for me.

On a side note I recently sold a pair of used first gen Red shift levers on ebay for slightly over $200.

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by supreeme

rijndael wrote:Where can you get a set of the ergodynamic Red shifters, NEW, for a bit over 300?

Not sure I can link to finished auctions on eBay but this guy sold a pair for 310 dollars (11-speed): ... 1423.l2649

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by majklnajt

Repaired! ;)
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by Ellingferd

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I had the same failure on a 2009 force right shifter (woven carbon lever rather than uni, different graphics). Is there any way to fix this? Can I use the guts of a rival shifter, or just directly swap in red internals, paddle and everything? Where to get parts other than surfing eBay for crashed shifters? Thanks!

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by smoby

hi, i had a force shifter strip the ratchet and sram replaced it under warranty even although it had no warranty. i just got the lbs to contact them and it got replaced. customer service at its best. thank you sram uk.

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by plpete

Warranty wise Sram has been great with me. Had broken the lever in the FD shifter. Brought it to my LBS and my buddy spoke with Sram which yielded them giving me a brand new set of updated shifters with Zero Loss on Force.

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