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by kac

I recognize the march of technology and appreciate that component (and frame) manufacturers are constantly striving to improve their products' performance. Having just recently moved from Record 10 to SR-11, I was however disappointed to discover that the new upgrade (the so-called, "Revolution 11+") is not retro-compatible with older 11 speed parts. According to a July 18 report on Velo News, "Previous 11-speed mechanical shift levers and front and rear derailleurs are not compatible with Revolution 11+ shift levers, front and rear derailleur, even though both are 11-speed." Full report here: ... 0FFH3Ot.99

Any idea on how long "old" SR and Record 11 speed component replacement parts will be available? Thoughts on the evident total obsolescence of the pre-Revolution(ary) drive train?


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by graeme_f_k

You have at least three years as Campagnolo will need to be able to honour warranty for that long.

Our information as Main UK SC is that spares availability is likely to persist past that point in terms of parts that commonly need replacement ... sprockets and chains are unchanged, brake levers themselves are unchanged and although the new 4-arm crank set obviously precludes using Rev 11+ chainrings with your current cranks, OverTorque & PowerTorque remain in the range using 110 / 108 and 135 mm BCDs, so you should have no problems there. Jockey wheels and lower derailleur parts are interchangeable, too.

It's unfortunate but there will always be customers who get caught out like this when a total revamp is done ... but 11s has remained substantially unchanged (and completely interchangeable across the three top groups, EPS excepted) since 2009, and Athena (basically unchanged for 2015 apart from the brakes) retains a lot of interchangeability with CH, RE and SR.

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by Weenie

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by kac

[quote="graeme_f_k"]You have at least three years as Campagnolo will need to be able to honour warranty for that long.

Thanks, Graeme for the comprehensive and informative reply. Hopefully, "new old stock" spare parts will be around for a bit longer than 3 years, though! My Record 10 speed components lasted 8 years and I only abandoned them due to increasing difficulty finding parts. I rebuilt them just before I switched to SR-11 in January and I'm planning to revive them for use on another frame some day. I still use my Record brakes: they work fine and I appreciate the "minimalist" design aesthetic they demonstrate.

Thanks again,


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by Roel W

What's the change on the Athena brakes?
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by mjduct

I can still get parts for some pre 2008 campy stuff, I'm not worried about my super record and chorus groups from 2011 and 2014 respectively...

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by russianbear

When are these new groups suppose to hit the shelves?

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by Permon

October 2014

by Weenie

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