Hollowgram, chainline and front derailleur

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by CrossRob

Hoping for help with a chainline issue please.

I've got a Hollowgram SISL and a 6600 front derailleur. These used to be mounted on a 2008 SuperSix and I struggled to get a full range of range of gears. I could manage it if I rotated the FD tail towards the frame by 5 degrees or so. Not pretty, but it worked OK.

I've just switched frame to a Condor Super Acciaio and the problem is worse. To get the lowest gear (39/25), I need a daft amount of rotation on the FD. This is with the lower limit screw slackened right off and the cable loosened.

The crank has one drive side spacer and the wave washer is almost flat. No spacers on the non-drive side.

Do I need a wider axle, presumably with more spacers, or am I missing something?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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by ParisCarbon

I'll ask the obvious... but you've got the correct spindle installed with the crank, and the correct direction? Strange that you would get alignment issues with a Cannondale crank on a Cannondale frame...

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by rijndael

Have you read this thread?

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by CrossRob

Thanks rijndael, I'd missed that thread. Slightly different symptoms, but essentially the same problem.

I can understand why it might be happening on a non-Cannondale frame, but it's strange that I had it, to a lesser degree, on a SuperSix from the same era as the crank.

I'll try out the 109 spindle and see what happens.

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